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Jan 10, 2022

2021 MVP Awards — Lighting

MVP 2021 Awards for lighting residential construction products

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Smart Lighting with Netatmo

Legrand Smart Lighting with Netatmo

The new adorne and radiant collection of outlets and switches with Netatmo solutions round out Legrand’s existing smart lighting offering, letting customers easily identify and select the right solution for their home, no matter the type or size. The solutions install in place of standard switches and outlets, and can be easily set up in just a few taps. They can also easily connect to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit, or to leading home automation systems, to provide more comprehensive control. With multiple smart lighting options from their collections of designer switches and outlets, Legrand can support the entire spectrum of modern customer needs while complementing any décor. 

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Alloy LED

PrimaPanel Flexible LED Sheet

Alloy LED PrimaPanel Flexible LED Sheet

The PrimaPanel Flexible LED Sheet is a fully modular and field-cuttable LED panel providing even, hotspot-free illumination for indoor backlighting applications. The versatile sheet features vertical, horizontal and 45-degree angle cutting lines for unlimited custom installations. The sheet also features a high density of LED chips, contributing to a smooth distribution of light. The sheet is available in 3000K,4000K, 5000K and 6500K correlated color temperatures (CCT) with an excellent 95+ color rendering index (CRI). The panel is dimmable down to 0.1%, depending on the compatible controller. PrimaPanel is 18.9 inches long by 9.45 inches wide and is less than 1-inch thick. The PrimaPanel sheet is an ideal backlighting solution for walls and counters, among others, and is a popular solution to illuminate translucent materials. The product is UL 2108 listed.

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DEKOR Lighting

Dek Dot LED Recessed Light

DEKOR Lighting Dek Dot LED Recessed Light

Dek Dots are tiny LED dot lights that lay flush with a surface and are meant to be walked upon. The product is virtually unseen and unfelt, but clearly visible due to their warm, bright, 12 volt LED shine!. The lights are frosted and have a very durable body, designed to be installed into an exterior or interior walking surfaces. The product's small 3/4" circular lens holds up to 3 LEDs and installs in seconds using our DEKOR fastner bit—just drill the hole and set the perfect depth. The lights are dimmable, waterproof, availble in a variety of colors, and energy efficient. They're available in standard or NexGen brightness. 

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