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Oct 5, 2020

7 Statement Cabinet Knobs for Quick, Affordable Upgrades

Kitchen cabinet affordable knobs pulls

Belwith Keeler's Sandrine Collection

As more design professionals report a reduction in size and budget for kitchen and bath projects, finding simple and affordable ways to make a big impact is becoming more important. Switching out kitchen cabinet hardware can be a perfect option.

Kitchen cabinetry updates in general are top considerations for homeowners embarking on renovations, according to Houzz’s 2020 Kitchen Trends Report. Whether large or small, changes to kitchen cabinets are made by 94% of homeowners during renovations. Houzz’s research on homeowner purchases for home improvement projects found that cabinet and door hardware made the top 10 list for most popular purchases, with paint and light fixtures landing in the first two spots. 

Cabinet hardware can either make a statement or blend in depending on size and style. Picking the most effective cabinet knobs, pulls, or handles is key. 

Although cabinet knobs or pulls can be small and unassuming, there is an abundance of choices out there that fit into current and emerging trends and demands. Additionally, homeowners open their cabinetry on a daily basis. These knobs and pulls should receive more consideration and attention due to their heavy use.

As for trends, luxurious and bold Art Deco features are making a return (Was Art Deco ever out of style?) The use of brass—a material that was well loved in the Art Deco period as well—has most definitely invaded every bit of design. Geometric shapes, such as squares and circles, pop up often in this design style. By adding just a small Art Deco pull or knob to cabinetry can add the movement’s grandeur to a kitchen in the most subtle way possible.


Arkwright art deco cabinet pulls

Joseph Giles Arkwright Solid Brass Cabinet Pull
Inspired by the transition into advanced manufacturing processes in both Europe and the US, the Arkwright cabinet pull appears like a rounded L-beam. The company says the L-beam was seen in many factories and construction projects during the industrial revolution, but its curves and dramatic facets are much reminiscent of the Art Deco period. Additionally, these pulls are available in a brushed brass wax, brushed nickel, dark bronze waxed, mid-antique brass waxed, polished brass waxed, polished chrome, or polished nickel finish.



Pap Deco art cabinet handle

Pap Deco Deco Handle
Polish hardware manufacturer Pap Deco offers a multitude of statement hardware pieces and ships internationally. These statement cabinet pulls, handles, and knobs can change the essence of the home with only one or two products. It’s Deco brass handle features a dramatic curve much reminiscent of a sheep’s horn. All Pap Deco products are handmade and can be custom ordered in nine different finishes.



Armac Martin crossways art deco knob


Armac Martin Crossways Knob
Armac Martin’s Crossways Knob brings a different kind of shape to the forefront: a hexagon. The six sided cabinet knob remains simple, but offers a subtly eye-catching silhouette. It’s made from polished brass, which allows it to be paired with the company’s 20 other brass hardware products.

Raw and organic materials are important to many designers right now, according to the Wall Street Journal. A warm walnut knob can add a bit of the outdoors indoors and blends well with virtually any cabinet style but especially a crisp white cabinet. When a kitchen feels too buttoned up or pristine, adding in wood hardware can add warmth.

Mid-century modern and Scandinavian modern align with the use of natural materials, but the difference between those and a rustic style all depend on the types of materials and how they’re used. These cabinet knobs and pulls can be added into mid-century modern, contemporary, and transitional kitchens. Houzz’s 2020 Kitchen Trend Report also cites wood as the most prevalent choice for flooring in kitchens. Wood accents, such as cabinet knobs, can add more warmth while tying in the flooring.



Caden walnut wood cabinet knob


House of Antique Hardware Caden Oval Wood Drawer Knob
House of Antique Hardware offers its Caden Oval Wood Drawer Knob in two wood types: walnut or oak. The cabinet knob is made in Denmark, lacquered to preserve the finish, and comes with a five-year warranty. It features a more organic oval shape compared to a perfectly circular knob. Walnut is widely popular for its deep, warm color.

Designer doorware timber kitchen cabinet hardware


Designer Doorware Timber Collection
Available in a wide array of shapes and sizes, the Timber Collection offers natural wood knobs, pulls, and handles. The pull handle brings in crisp, straight lines. The simplicity of the design allows for the natural materials to speak for themselves.

Mixing metals has been around for some time, but it may not be going anywhere anytime soon. Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year choice, Urbane Bronze, which forecasts 2021 interior design trends, has been suggested to complement mixed metals and natural materials. Metals can be mixed in with faucets, sinks, lighting fixtures, and hardware. Because kitchen cabinet hardware can be small, it can be the perfect place to play around mixing metals. Adding touches of different finishes around helps make the room look more cohesive, and cabinet hardware can play a huge role. 

Antimicrobial materials have gained interest amid the pandemic as more homeowners consider personal health when making product decisions. Brass, copper, and bronze are naturally antimicrobial, making them perfect for a homeowner wanting clean surfaces. Brass and bronze are both copper alloys, meaning copper is a main component in the two materials. These related finishes could make a health-focused and trendy match made in heaven.

Belwith Keeler vintage bronze knob


Belwith Keeler Sandrine Knob
The Sandrine Collections features nearly every type of style and addresses many needs: antimicrobial properties, natural appearance, and a contemporary take on rustic. Its uneven face shows dimension and depth. The vintage bronze finish has diversity in its coloring and looks naturally worn in. The knob is available in black mist, polished brass, and satin nickel as well.


Rejuvenation brass oil rubbed bronze knob


Rejuvenation Harlow Cabinet Knob
The Harlow Cabinet Knob features mixed finishes and is made from 94% recycled materials. It’s entirely made in the USA, according to the company. This finish showcases oil-rubbed bronze and brushed satin brass, with an oil-rubbed bronze and polished chrome finish available. These cabinet knobs offer a contemporary look.

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