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Sep 21, 2016

8 Interior Doors To Transform Your Home

Rimadesio's Graphis interior door line


Rimadesio's Graphis interior door line features brown aluminium and grey reflex glass panels.

For many construction professionals, interior doors are an afterthought, but the category offers a great opportunity for builders, architects, and remodelers to add excitement to their homes.

Part of the problem, manufacturers say, is because interior doors, like lighting decisions, tend to get made near the end of the project. As the work moves on and budgets get cut, doors, trim, lighting, and other finishes take a hit. Builders and remodelers may use more value-driven products as a result.

Walk the interior of the average production home and you are likely to find a six-panel hollow-core interior doors. Such doors are budget-friendly and, with a nice coat of paint, they look fine.

A solid core interior door made from MDF, wood, or some other composite material is a better idea. Such doors feel substantial in hand, but they also help block sound transmission, providing more privacy for residents.

When you’re helping your clients choose doors, there are many styles and options. Taller interior doors are hot, as are glass-panel units (sometimes with “pantry” or “laundry” etched in the surface). Wider doors are also an option for universal design or for aging-in-place buyers, and modern aluminum and glass doors are also a nice touch in a modern interior.

Here are some options to consider: