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Jan 19, 2016

Baresque’s Zintra Acoustic Panels Keep Things Quiet

Australian distributor of wall coverings and architectural finishes, Baresque has introduced a new line of textured acoustic wall panels that also act as a decorative element.

“Zintra Acoustic Panels are the perfect solution in any situation where both aesthetics and acoustic performance are required,” Baresque executive director Angus Blaiklock says.

Zintra Acoustic Textures feature subtle three-dimensional relief so they offer acoustic attenuation within a noisy space, but they give architects a wide range of designs and colors that work well in a modern or traditional-style setting. 

The new line of panels comes in a range of textured designs and colors, so professionals may choose from neutral and vibrant hiues.

Zintra delivers a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.35 to 0.90; on the NRC scale, zero is perfect reflection and 1 is perfect absorption. The effectiveness of the panels depends on how and where they are installed. The line can be used in large or small spaces such as offices, libraries, or media rooms.

The Class A fire-rated panels are produced in 110-inch-long sheets and can be ordered to be ½- or 1/8-inch thick. The polyester panels can be trimmed with a carpet knife, and are easy to install with adhesives.