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Mar 7, 2019

Benjamin Obdyke Launches Weatherization System for Open Siding

Benjamin Obdyke Open Clad Weatherization System InvisiWrap

Roof and wall products manufacturer Benjamin Obdyke has launched exterior system for open-joint cladding.

“From rustic reclaimed wood detail to dramatic composite planks or panels, architects and builders are enhancing residential and commercial projects with the open joint cladding trend,” says Tara Murray, director of marketing at Benjamin Obdyke. “At Benjamin Obdyke, we are always looking for ways to help our partners build better and develop quality solutions for every project.”

Consisting of InvisiWrap UV, HydroFlash UV+, and Batten UV, the comprehensive line of products addresses the need to ensure that weatherization and moisture management solutions keep up with growing aesthetic trends, Murray explains.

Benjamin Obdyke Open Clad Weatherization System InvisiWrap InvisiWrap 2

InvisiWrap UV

InvisiWrap UV is an unprinted, high-performance black nonwoven housewrap. Colored matte black to avoid competing with other visual elements of open joint architecture, the product provides superior water hold out, ideal vapor permeability, and durability, the company says. It can be used with siding openings of up to 2 inches and has a UV of rating of up to 12 months before siding installation.

HydroFlash UV+ self-adhered flashing utilizes an aggressive acrylic adhesive for extreme environmental conditions. An ideal complement to InvisiWrap UV, the product can be used for penetration flashing and covering furring strips so they’re invisible behind open joints. HydroFlash UV+ can be installed down to 25 degrees and is UV-rated for 12 months of exposure before cladding application.


Benjamin Obdyke Open Clad Weatherization System HydroFlashUV+

HydroFlash UV+

Finally, Batten UV rounds out the Open Joint Cladding System. Builders can use the product to create a 3/8-inch rainscreen gap for optimum drainage and drying. According to Benjamin Obdyke, Batten UV (at time of launch) is the only corrugated batten option available that contains a long-term UV rating for open joint siding applications.

“Our builders were looking for solutions for this growing trend [of open-joint siding], so it was a natural next step to evolve our UV-rated product line into a full product suite optimized for open joint cladding projects,” Murray says.

The Open Joint Cladding system is covered by a 25-year performance warranty when all three products are used together, the conmany says.

It will be available in early March 2019.


Benjamin Obdyke Open Clad Weatherization System BattenUV

Batten UV