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Sep 28, 2017

Bosch Debuts Heating Unit for Small Spaces


Photo courtesy of Bosch / Greenstar Pro Combi 100P

The newest addition to Bosch’s Greenstar Pro Combi line of efficient heating units is the 100P, a lightweight, compact, wall-mounted unit for small spaces.

The gas-condensing boiler can provide heat and up to 2.6 gpm of domestic hot water simultaneously while maintaining AFUE efficiencies of 95 percent. Its ultra-quiet operation makes it ideal for apartments and small single-family homes, the company says.

The unit includes the same benefits of other Greenstar models, including an ASME-approved Al-Si heat exchanger constructed of advanced magnesium-aluminum-silicon alloy, which the company says offers more flexibility than traditional stainless steel. The heat exchanger also has a coating that prevents scale buildup and an innovative liquid propane conversion kit that can be used without a flue gas analyzer.

“With more than 4 million Bosch Greenstar boilers sold worldwide, users can be confident in the quality, innovation, and performance they’ll receive from these combi boiler units, while installers can expect very low installation efforts and very few external components with this straightforward solution,” says Justin Stephens, product manager at Bosch Thermotechnology.