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May 2, 2019

Bosch Releases Track Saw with Plunge Action, Adjustable Guidance

Bosch Power Tools GKT13 track saw

Tool manufacturer Bosch has joined the track saw race with a new easy-to-transport product that’s ideal for making table saw-style cuts on sheet goods.

“The Bosch Track Saw offers users a portable, accurate saw that addresses the need to precisely cut sheet goods and other wood composite materials on the jobsite or in the shop,” says Jim Stevens, product manager at Bosch Power Tools. “This saw is all about productivity, but it doesn’t decrease work output at the expense of precision.”

Bosch Power Tools GKT13 track saw with track


Bosch says the GKT13-225 delivers on the need for “precision and power. It offers an adjustable track guidance mechanism that aides cutting angle, cut depth, and plunge and finish angle cutting.

“The saw features a single pivot point for bevel cuts from -1° (for slight undercuts) to +47°, so a user employing the track doesn’t need to position the saw differently for bevel or non-bevel cuts,” Bosch says. “The track saw’s plunge mechanism ensures plunge cuts with accurate depth of cut thanks to" a combination scale with both inches and metric measurements.

Bosch Power Tools GKT13 track saw with dust extractor

Featuring a dust extraction design that helps deliver a clean work environment, the tool is paired with an optional track system (sold separately) that the company says is easy to use by simply aligning the track to the desired cutline.

“Bosch’s track saw’s adjustable track guidance mechanism offers exact settings for the perfect cuts with table-saw quality,” the company says.

Weighing 9.8 pounds, the saw features a 13-amp motor, as well as constant electronics to help maintain speed under demanding loads, overload protection, a swiveling hose port, and lock-off release mechanism. It comes with a large Bosch L-Boxx-4 carrying case.

Bosch Power Tools GKT13 track saw carrying case and bag

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