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Feb 14, 2020

Broan-NuTone Introduces Lighted Bluetooth Speaker Fan Cover

Broan NuTone Sensonic Cover Angle Lighted
Broan-NuTone to Launch Sensonic Lighted Speaker Fan Cover 5-Minute Upgrade

Bath fan manufacturer Broan-NuTone has unveiled a new cover that allows individuals to upgrade their ventilation with LED lights and audio features.

The company says its latest innovation “is about to turn the powder room into the party room in 5 minutes or less.” The industry leader in residential ventilation and air quality solutions is proud to introduce the Sensonic Lighted Speaker Fan Cover with Bluetooth-Enabled speaker, the company adds.


Sensonic is a Lighted Speaker Cover and upgrade kit and is the fastest DIY audio/light upgrade on the market, allowing homeowners to transform a tired incandescent bath fan into a sleek LED light with brilliant audio in just minutes,” the brand says.

“The simple upgrade,” the company continues, “uses an existing bathroom feature to illuminate the room, prevent clutter on countertops, and free up much-needed outlets. From playlists to podcasts, users can enjoy entertainment and privacy at the touch of a button with a Bluetooth-Enabled Sensonic speaker producing rich sound from above.”


Replacing most new or existing Broan-Nutone fan in just five minutes or less, the audio/fan/light upgrade kit is built for easy installation so it can be handle easily by a remodeler or a DIYer, “allowing even the most novice of DIY’ers to experience their space on another level without calling a professional. The quick-connect pass-thru plug eliminates the need for extra wiring and the grille is sized just right to conveniently cover existing drywall cuts for an easy install,” the company says.

"The air we breathe affects our everyday routines,” says Kyle Anderson, associate product manager – household ventilation, for Broan-NuTone. “At Broan-NuTone, we believe you shouldn’t have to be a professional to Come Home to Fresh Air and a fresh routine. The Sensonic Lighted Speaker Cover installs in just five minutes and works quietly to protect any humidity-prone room every day while delivering brilliant lighting and audio performance hidden in plain sight.”

Sensonic is designed to blend into any aesthetic, the brand says, offering a modern, low-profile LED grille’ with a white finish that is specially formulated to coordinate with the most popular white ceiling paint colors. “The sleek CleanCover grille also stays cleaner longer with fewer vent slots for a longer-lasting clean while the Soft LED illuminates darker areas of the bathroom with 600 Lumens at 3000K Color Temperature for a Rated Life of 25,000 hours.”

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