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Aug 26, 2021

Buildertrend Announces Home Depot Integration for Improved Expense Management

buildertrend the home depot

Buildertrend announced a partnership with The Home Depot this week, offering business management and product procurement benefits through software integration.

The integration folds many functions from The Home Depot site right into the Buildertrend interface. But only members of The Home Depot’s Pro Xtra program will be able to access the new function and its accompanying features.


Builders can now order and track supplies from The Home Depot through Buildertrend, then manage those receipts with a new “Receipts” management tool. This tool rolled out with the integration, allows builders to upload paper receipts to their Buildertrend account and assign those receipts a cost code or job. Up to 25 months of purchase history and favorites will automatically be synced from the Pro Xtra account to Buildertrend to be organized into a builder’s cost catalog.

To use the Receipts function with The Home Depot, Buildertrend users can connect their Pro Xtra account via the “Setup” tool, then their preferred Home Depot store will connect, showing up-to-date pricing, and allow users to shop within Buildertrend. 


buildertrend the home depot


Bulk pricing and other applicable special prices may not be viewable in Buildertrend but will be seen on the Home Depot site while checking out. Buildertrend’s Vice President of Product Development Andrew Wirick noted that prices will be updated every day, but advises users to double-check the price when checking out to catch any discrepancies.

When ordering from The Home Depot, users will be redirected to the site’s checkout page, but that purchase will automatically be recorded inside the Buildertrend Receipts tool. All digital receipts will sync, even when a user purchases something at a brick-and-mortar Home Depot store, as long as that purchase is made with the Pro Xtra account.

At the virtual announcement event, Buildertrend Senior Product Manager Steph Roehr said this will help builders expand their margins, accurately forecast future jobs, and reduce unplanned expenses. Builder and integration beta tester Nick Schiffer of NS Builders noted in the same event that the integration will limit redundancies in the accounting process later.

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