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Aug 17, 2020

Combine Evolution Kitchen By Boffi Features the Hottest European Trends

Boffi Piero Lissoni European kitchen

Italian kitchen and bath manufacturer Boffi has released its latest version of the Combine modular kitchen system created by renowned international designer Piero Lissoni.

Combine Evolution takes all the stand-out features of past Combine iterations and transforms it for 2020 through new technology, upgraded design, and materials, the company says. 

The kitchen consists of monoblocks in different sizes and functions, paired together to create a complete, monolithic system. Monoblocks are available to meet each cooking, washing, and prepping need, the company says. Additionally, monoblocks now feature four-sided finishes and are available in new dimensions. In addition, Boffi has increased the door height options, which the company says helps further the unified appearance.



Boffi Combine Evolution 2020

“During the past 30 years I’ve researched, I’ve tried to think of elements that link design and architecture,” Lissoni says in Boffi’s promotional video. “I’ve tried to imagine, for example, kitchens that weren’t simply objects or machines for cooking, but what always followed this logic. between technological machines transforming food into something more and spaces that spoke the language of architecture, all this is held together by a precise design project.”

The North American market follows in the footsteps of European companies in terms of trends. Boffi’s Combine Evolution features the hottest European design trends, such as handless door and drawer fronts, flat doors, use of metal and aluminum, along with open shelving. 

Kitchens are becoming less and less of a standalone, one purpose room. Instead, bulky appliances are being reimagined into sleeker versions and the kitchen is transforming into another living space for the home. 


Boffi monoblock modular kitchen


Lissoni, art director for Boffi and numerous other international brands, is regarded as a contemporary design master. His approach to Combine Evolution included keeping the entire system in mind rather than focusing on independent parts. 

The kitchen system brings together each step of the cooking process, even dining. One monoblock features an attached wood peninsula table outstretched from the overall system, which connects the two main purposes of food: to be cooked and to be consumed. Tabula, the protruding peninsula, branches off of an open-faced lower wood cabinet compartment.

Combine Evolution features the open shelving trend with its Open Evolution, a matte black painted metal overhead storage system. What may look off to the American eye is the absence of a ventilation hood. This is the result of Boffi’s integration of the suction area directly into the cooking zone.



Boffi overhead European kitchen


A futuristic, hidden storage drawer, named Inside System Track, can be added ad hoc for certain modules. Inside System Track can hold cutlery trays, knives, spices, and oil bottles. The hidden, drawer-like feature completely disappears into the monoblocks and reemerges by vertically opening up. 

Combine Evolution is part of Boffi’s collaboration with Italian design company Salvatori, which specializes in natural stone. Salvatori materials exclusive to Boffi include Bianco Carrara, Lithoverdem, Durinox, and DeErosion. 

“Drawing on their respective areas of expertise, the result is a collection, which perfectly fuses craftsmanship with technology, natural stone with cutting-edge man-made materials and practicality with aesthetics,” the company says.

Bianco Carrara is the epitome of marble, often the most recognizable with its bright white and gray veining. The company says Lithoverde is the world’s first recycled stone texture, composed of 99% discarded stone. Durinox is a style of stainless steel, though twice as hard and more scratch-resistant, the company says. Additionally, Durinox is micro-sandblasted to create a matte finish. DeErosion is created through a controlled erosion of metal, which creates depth and unique finishes. Boffi says the finished product symbolizes the passing of time.

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