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Jan 27, 2016

Company Debuts the World’s First Automated Spa Water-Care System

Spa Boy from Arctic Spa

Hot tub manufacturer Arctic Spas says it has developed the world’s first automated water-care system that takes the maintenance hassles out of spa tub ownership.

Spa Boy is a self-monitoring, self-adjusting water care system designed specifically for hot tubs. It integrates salt-water sanitizer generation that is controlled by sensors and proprietary connectivity. This provides homeowners with an automated method of maintaining perfect spa water conditions and takes the work off of a hot tub owner’s hands.

“Spa Boy eliminates the need for the spa owner to ever add sanitizer and eliminates the common dip-strip or reagent test kit-type testing,” says Brent Macklin, co-founder of Arctic Spas. “The Spa Boy system will never over or under produce sanitizer, keeping water incredibly clear, clean and safe.”

The company says the salt-water generator creates sanitizer under the control of precise sensors, ensuring the spa water remains in the ideal PH range. Spa Boy also includes a secure, dedicated web portal – myarcticspa.com – that provides the spa owner and service provider with real-time data of all spa operations, such as live energy usage monitoring, equipment operating status, and water chemistry data.

The real-time data about the spa’s operation are instantly transmitted to the spa control centre, but the results also are displayed on the spa topside display, through a smart phone app and the web portal for analysis. If it is necessary, the service provider is able to make adjustments to the water or do remote troubleshooting.  

“This technology not only drastically reduces day-to-day maintenance, it also allows spa owners to monitor their spa from anywhere in the world,” Macklin explains. “This data is available to any internet connected device, allowing for complete control of your hot tub.”

Get more information about Spa Boy here.