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Mar 14, 2019

Daltile Expands, Launches Porcelain Roofing Tile

Daltile Perennial Porcelain Roof Opulent Slate Collection Antique Slate

Known as a major player in the ceramic tile market, Daltile has expanded its repertoire with the new Perennial porcelain roof tile.

“At Daltile, we are bringing the innovation of porcelain roofing tile to market,” Doug Pedersen, national director of roofing sales for the company, says in a statement announcing the launch.  “Porcelain roofing tile will be a game-changer for the specialty roofing products segment—destined to soon outsell the current slate, clay, concrete, and metal roofing options.” 

Roofing is a major departure for the Dallas-based company that was founded in 1947. It is normally known in the undustry as a purveyor of tile, stone, porcelain, and metal tiles for the residential and commercial construction industries. But the company is hoping the new product will be a game-changer in the roofing market that is expected to grow to 173.91 million squares in 2022, according to the market research firm, The Freedonia Group.

Daltile Perennial Porcelain Roof Lavish Clay Collection Adobe Clay


The Lavish Clay Collection takes a modern twist on the look of authentic adobe, Daltile says, adding that the tile has a lower weight compared to similar products, making installation simpler.


Daltile says Perennial offers a handful of benefits that will be attractive to pros as well as homeowners. One is beauty, the company says, as the product provides the same look as other high-end materials—such as slate or clay—but at a lower price point.

“Our revolutionary digital printing technology creates colors, designs, and nuance details that are so realistic, it is difficult to tell the difference between the natural materials we are trying to emulate and the porcelain roofing tiles that we have produced,” Pedersen says.

Because the roof is made from porcelain, it also will last a long time, the company claims. “Porcelain tile is tough,” Pedersen says. “Its innate durability will resist decades of weather and outdoor elements. Porcelain tile is also fade proof, stainproof, scratchproof, waterproof, and fire resistant.  Once installed, a porcelain tile roof can last two or three times as long as one covered with asphalt roofing shingles.”

Daltile Perennial Porcelain Roof Opulent Slate Collection Impressionist Grey Slate

Opulent Slate Collection offers three options, including Antique Slate, Onyx Slate, and Impressionist Grey (shown), which offes a smooth grey slate design that fits any color scheme, the brand says.


Made in the USA, the roof is resistant to frost, imperviousness to water, offers a 110-mile-per-hour wind rating, has a Class A fire rating, and offers a Class IV hail impact rating.

Daltile says also is easy to install, “simpler than slate, clay, and some metal roof systems,” the company says. The product “is simply nailed to the deck using traditional roofing installation methods. The low overall weight of Daltile’s Perennial Porcelain Roof System also adds to the speed of installation.”

Perennial tiles measure 11 by 22 inches and the trim (hip and ridge pieces) measures 8 by 8 inches. The collection is available in six colors and designs that replicate the look of slate, timber, and clay.


Daltile Perennial Porcelain Roof Timber Collection

Classic Timber Collection fuses the benefits of porcelain tile with the look of wooden shingles without sacrificing performance. It’s available in two varieties—Mystic Timber and Nordic Timber.

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