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Aug 8, 2022

Fisher & Paykel Announces Debut of New Professional Companion Appliances

Fisher & Paykel Companion Series
Characterized by its sleek stainless steel and glass details, Fisher & Paykel's new Professional Companion Series includes a Speed Oven, Combination Steam Oven, and Coffee Maker.

Costa Mesa, CA--August 8, 2022. Fisher & Paykelis is pleased to announce its Professional style Companion Series. The series includes its Speed Oven, Combination Steam Oven, and Coffee Maker. Characterized by its sleek stainless steel and glass details, the new Professional style companion products offer a more diverse scope of choice for consumers when designing their kitchen. They can be easily installed singularly, adjacent to one another in a group or stacked in an attractive grid.

"We are excited to launch the Professional Companion Series," says Kevin Dexter, Fisher & Paykel's North American President. "Our professional range of products are highly sought after by designers and consumers across the North American market. Expanding our companion products to incorporate this popular style furthers our opportunity to give our customers the beauty of choice to achieve their design goals.

"30” Speed Oven

Designed to complement the Professional-style kitchen, the 30” Speed Oven combines both the power of a microwave with convection technology, offering increased flexibility for culinary creations. Utilizing the intuitive touch display, the Speed Oven affords users the flexibility to cook by food type, by recipe or by function. With its bold styling conducive to a commercial kitchen aesthetic, the Convection Speed oven offers 1.3 cu ft total capacity and boasts an intuitive touch display to easily guide users through cooking modes and durations. In addition to its nine cooking functions which include true convection and broil, the Speed Oven features a fully stainless steel interior and formed side racks, which aid in easy cleanup.

30” Coffee Maker

Pairing perfectly with the 30” Ovens and other Professional-style companion products, the 30” Built-In Coffee Maker offers 13 coffee settings to suit individual taste and selection. Available with an automatic setting to start and brew users' favorite coffee at the same time each day, the Coffee Maker also includes an intuitive touch display with refill, cleaning, and maintenance data. Affording barista-style coffee, the conical burr grinder ensures a consistent grind per users' specific preferences, while twin LED lights illuminate the beverages, guiding users to that perfectly brewed coffee even on the darkest of mornings.

30” Combination Steam Oven

Sized to suit in its 1.3 cu ft total capacity, this compact 30” Combination Steam oven affords cooking flexibility with its nine oven functions. As one of the healthiest food preparation methods, steam cooking allows for the retention of up to 50% more nutrients across fish, poultry, starches, veggies etc. and eliminates the need for butter or oils as cooking agents. Equipped with Fisher & Paykel’s integrated technology panel, the Combination Steam Oven allows users the option to cook by food type, cook by function or even cook by recipe for perfect results each time. This appliance does not require a water line for installation as a drop down water tank located behind the tech panel can easily be refilled.

In addition to these three new appliances, Fisher & Paykel also offers 24” and 30” Vacuum and Warming Drawers in the Professional Style for seamless addition to a companion package. The complete Professional package is sure to elevate any Sous-Chef to the Chef de Cuisine kitchen.