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Dec 11, 2017

Franke Launches New Retail Concept in U.S. Market

Franke retail center

Decorative plumbing brand Franke has announced plans to expand its presence in the U.S. market with the introduction of five new retail destinations in partnership with leading plumbing showrooms.

Designed to connect architects and designers with consumers in a curated environment, the first Franke Design Boutique opened November 29 in the California Bay Area, in partnership with The Plumbery, a local plumbing showroom.

Franke faucets

“The 1,000-square-foot space, designed in partnership with renowned Italian architect and designer Carlo Colombo, emphasizes the art of entertaining through the breadth of Franke product on display,” the company says. Recognizing the importance of a “touch, feel, live” interaction in the selection of high-end kitchen components, the vignettes elevate the shopping experience and highlight how Franke kitchen faucets and sinks fit into the larger kitchen system, the company says. Products on display include the company's Chef Center Workstation, Pescara Collection, and Absinthe faucets.

Franke faucets in retail center

“For both architects and consumers, the abundance of product in a traditional plumbing showroom setting can make the selection process a challenging one,” says Oliver Bahr, president of Franke Kitchen Systems, North America. “The Franke Design Boutique is inviting; it eliminates the chaos of choice and empowers people to quickly envision living with Franke in their own homes.”

Continuing in 2018, Franke will open five Design Boutiques in markets known for having a strong base of professional designers and architects, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and New York. The retail concept, the company says, is part of a larger two-year expansion plan to strengthen the brand’s presence in the United States.

Franke Pescara Collection in Design Boutique

“Our new Design Boutiques have been designed to truly foster and strengthen relationships with the North American architecture and design community,” said Bahr. “We are thrilled to open the doors of our California Bay Area Franke Design Boutique with our esteemed partners at The Plumbery and to commence a year of exciting growth and development across the United States.”

Faucet display in Franke Design Boutique