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Feb 14, 2019

Hampton Products Debuts Exterior Smart Lighting With Integrated Video

ARRAY By Hampton Smart Coach Light Contemporary

Hampton Products International has added smart outdoor security lighting fixtures to its Array by Hampton family of connected devices.

The new Video Coach Lights, the company says, feature an upscale look and offer finishes that complement existing and new home onstruction. They also include concealed video and audio features that work seamlessly with the company’s Array by Hampton Connected Locks.

Later this summer, the company will also offer Array by Hampton Satellite fixtures, which have been created to allow users to build out their lighting around their home/property without having to buy multiple Coasch smart units that are higher priced.

Array by Hampton Video Coach Lights offer a hidden HD camera that offers wide angle, low-distortion viewing with night vision. It streams live, encrypted video and sound to paired Array Android and iOS apps, and the onboard microphone and speakers in each fixture allow users to hear and talk back to visitors through the app, regardless of user location.

“Using the Array app, users can custom schedule of a full range of lighting levels programmed by time or set for automatic dusk-to-dawn illumination,” the company says. “A built-in motion sensor automatically shifts to high lighting levels when it senses activity, automatically synching with other Array smart lights and Satellite units to bring all to high intensity levels. Users are alerted when people enter the camera’s field of view, and the lighting’s brightness levels can be instantly changed based on what is seen and heard through the app.”


ARRAY By Hampton Smart Coach Light Traditional

Satellites match the Array by Hampton Video Coach Lights and Array by Hampton Security Lights almost exactly, but the units do not include the camera, speaker or higher end electronics inside. Instead, the lights link to the main Coach smart units by radio frequency, allowing them to mimic what the smart main light is doing.

“Through ongoing focus groups, consumers have told us that they only need one smart light with AI and a high-end camera, but they want them all to match,” says Kim Kelley, president, Hampton Products, International. “Satellites allow people to ‘right size’ their smart lighting system, putting intelligence and HD night vision video in the system where it is most needed, and avoiding it when it’s not.”

Array by Hampton’s single app approach allows for display and full control of all lighting and Connected Door Lock (read story here) on a single screen in the app—from the initial visitor alert to identification and two-way discussion before deciding whether to remotely unlock the door and let them in. The smart door lock connects directly to the home Wi-Fi, so no secondary hub or batteries to purchase; allows users to create e-keys and e-codes; and monitors door lock usage, among other functions.

The Smart Video Coach Lights, the Smart Video Security Light and matching Array by Hampton Satellites will be available summer 2019 and are priced from $79 to $299.

They will be available in select neighborhood Ace Hardware stores, online at and, as well as other online sites.