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Apr 11, 2019

Inox Reveals Ceramic-Coated Hardware in a Rainbow of Color Options

INOX CeraMax Rainbeaux door handles

Hardware manufacturer Inox has developed Rainbeaux, a new range of colors for its CereMax ceramic-coated hardware.

The twelve new color options allow designers to meet homeowner desires for color or add an accent color to a space. The nature of the durable CeraMax ceramic finishing allows it to hold up against wear or fading; it was designed to keep its color and feel even in harsh environments including salt spray, oxidation, humidity, and ultraviolet light.

INOX hardware pulls with CereMax Rainbeaux

“We’ve found that designers are working with homeowners to accentuate their home décor with vibrant colors that make a statement, from accent walls to color pops throughout the living area,” says Jeff Howes, president of Inox. “Our new Rainbeaux palette for CeraMax allows designers to choose practically any color their clients desire and produce impressive door hardware as a bold design statement.”

Each CereMax hardware piece is finished by hand in a process that includes sand blasting, ultrasonic and high-pressure air cleaning, and baking in a finishing chamber.


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