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Feb 21, 2019

Keeney Manufacturing Introduces No Crimp PEX Valves

 Keeney Manufacturing No Crimp Pex Valve

Plumbing products maker Keeney Manufacturing Company has developed a line of push-on PEX valves that can be installed with simple hand tools.

No Crimp PEX Valves are push on quarter turn valves with a compression sleeve that allows for a quick and secure connection, the company says.

“We’re excited about the No Crimp valve and it’s capabilities,” says Chris Jeffers, the company’s senior vice president of marketing. “The ability to create a quick and secure seal with only a hand wrench can offer users time, labor, and cost savings.”

According to Keeney, the No Crimp PEX Valve creates an installation identical to common compression valves without special tools by compressing the sleeve around the pipe as the nut is tightened. As the sleeve compresses, a split ring and internal barb keep the pipe tight and a double o-ring seal to create a leak-free connection.

“In addition to No Crimp PEX valves quick and easy installation, the valve features the Keeney quarter turn ball valve technology that is known and trusted in the industry,” the company says. “With brass stems, Teflon seats for long lasting seize-free functioning, brass forged CNC machines bodies, and o-rings designed for working temperatures of -40 to 250 degrees Farenheit, Keeney valves have a reputation for quality and durability.”

No Crimp PEX valves are available in straight or angle configurations and in two sizes.


Now is the time for Keeney to develope a compact gear type or ratchet tube wrench to tighten those nuts in the compact spaces we know they are going to be in.
One of the most difficult problems with PEX is getting the crimpers into the cubeholes that seem to be everywhere!!!

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