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Oct 18, 2022

Lasko Products Aids in Hurricane Ian Relief, Shares Hurricane Recovery Tips

water damage and hurricane recovery tips

WEST CHESTER, Pa — Lasko Products, a market leader in home comfort, is donating 2,000 home environment products to help the survivors restore their homes after the damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

Lasko has deployed a truck of hurricane relief supplies set to arrive in Florida this week. The truck will contain a shipment of water damage restoration and ventilation products to aid those affected by the disastrous weather and flooding caused by the recent storm.

Products included in the donation will be a variety of fans, air movers, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers. The donation will assist those affected by helping to eliminate excess moisture and humidity; keeping the air clean from mold, spores, and dust; and providing long-term air quality control.

To facilitate the donation, Lasko is partnering with All Hands and Hearts, an organization committed to addressing the immediate and long-term needs of global communities impacted by disasters. All Hands and Hearts recently pledged to remain in southwest Florida with a volunteer-powered program for a minimum of 12 months to conduct mucking and gutting, mold sanitization, and partial and complete home rebuild projects on houses damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Ian, where Lasko's donation will make a significant impact.

The truck and fuel have been donated by Epes Logistics Services, which has been Lasko's transportation partner for more than 12 years and will be driven by Yoandy Perez.

"We were deeply saddened to hear about the tragedies caused by the recent storm. Our hearts are with the communities and residents of those affected," said Lasko Chief Executive Officer, Ed Vlacich. "We understand that supplies and water damage restoration equipment may be limited in weather-impacted areas and hope that this donation will help the community begin to rebuild after such devastation."

Supplies will be distributed to the residents of Port Charlotte, Florida, and surrounding neighborhoods this week. For more information on water damage restoration supplies and ventilation products, please visit, and

Key Steps for Huricane Recovery/Water Damage

lasko products and hurricane recovery and water damage tips

1. Remove the water using wet vacs, pumps, sump pumps, or even mops and buckets 

2. Eliminate excess moisture and maintain humidity 

  • Box fans in windows are best for venting humid air from the house 
  • Use large dehumidifiers in conjunction to reduce the moisture level to below 60%. 
  • You may need to remove drywall to expose the areas behind the wall surface. 

3. Dry the walls and floors 

  • Air movers are best for floors and under furniture/appliances 
  • Large oscillating fans are best for walls 
    • Example: S18902 Pedestal Fan at Walmart 
  • Continue using box fans in windows to vent humid air from the house 
    • Example: B20200 Pedestal Fan at Walmart 

4. Protect yourself 

  • After the surface water has been removed, close the windows 
  • Use Air Scrubbers (commercial grade air purifiers) or large Air Purifiers to keep the air clean from mold, spores, dust, etc. 

5. Long-term air quality control 

  • Maintain air quality with an air