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Mar 7, 2016

Legrand Debuts Low-Cost Home Automation System for Builders

Legrand Intuity Home Automation video door entry intercom

Intuity video door intercom

Middletown, Pa.-based Legrand says its recently introduced Intuity gives production homebuilders a cost-effective and repeatable home automation system that allows buyers to control entertainment, security, and air conditioning.

“Homeowners today expect connectivity and control in new homes,” says Fritz Werder, vice president and general manager for Legrand’s On-Q and NuVo lines. “Most new homebuyers are making home automation a priority. Intuity gives builders a unique, easy-to-install platform that meets buyer expectations without delaying the building process.”

The company set out to create for homebuilders a modular, easy-to-sell home ecosystem that would support buyers’ most-requested home technologies. Legrand says Intuity accomplishes this goal in two ways: It supports the company’s own subsystems, including its On-Q IP cameras, video door entry and intercom, RFLC lighting systems, and On-Q multi-room digital audio system. Plus, it also offers seamless integration of third-party Z-Wave components, such as HVAC thermostats from Honeywell and Trane, digital door locks from Kwikset and Yale, and home security systems from Honeywell and GE/Interlogix, the company says.

Using the Intuity app (iOS), users can operate all aspects of the system from any iOS mobile device or from the wall-mounted Command Center. The same user interface also is available from any laptop or desktop computer, so users have a consistent experience across platforms. “Intuity’s comprehensive digital platform gives buyers the simple home control they want,” Werder explains.

The system includes modular components that are housed inside a structured wiring enclosure, simplifying installation and scalability, the company says. It’s run by an HA7000 Automation Controller, which provides basic Internet connectivity and supports Legrand subsystems, such as digital audio, intercom, and IP security cameras. These subsystem modules mount inside the enclosure and plug directly into the Central Control Module.

One of Intuity’s biggest attributes is the price. Competitively positioned for the production home market, it offers flexibility based on a homebuyer’s needs and budgets. A basic foundation package has a manufacturer’s suggested list of $1,389, which includes the Central Control module, one in-wall Command Center that includes an intercom and a zone of digital audio, a Power Supply, both an RFLC Bridge and a Z-Wave Bridge for controlling wireless components, a Bridge Power Module, and an enclosure to house the components.

All Intuity systems can be configured to accommodate a wide range of options for both the builder and the homebuyer, including plug-in modules for digital audio, IP security cameras, and intercoms. Legrand offers direct support to assist in configuring and pricing.

“Intuity is the first system designed specifically to meet both the builder needs for simplicity and repeatability and the buyers’ desires for basic technology and future upgradability,” Werder says.