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Feb 22, 2018

Leica Geosystems Introduces Worksite Lasers With Increased Visibility

Leica Geosystems lino laser

Leica Geosystems, a manufacturer of measurement and imaging technology, has announced its new Lino series of highly visible cross-line and point lasers.

The green laser light diodes are four times more visible than other laser options, the company claims, and are noticeable even in bright daytime conditions. A self-leveling function makes it simple to align lines vertically and horizontally.

Lino series lasers can operate uninterrupted while plugged into a power supply and are compatible with Li-on rechargeable or alkaline batteries. The units connect to rotating TWIST adapters with a strong magnet. The adapters can be set or fixed on most worksite surfaces. A wheel on the wall bracket adjusts the lasere’s height.

"In addition to precision, the most important features of an outstanding point or line laser are highly visible laser lines and practical adapters to allow the laser to be quickly and precisely positioned anywhere on the construction site," says Elvir Malkoc, product manager of the Lino series. “The new red and green Lino laser range fulfils these requirements excellently.”

Each laser’s optics are protected by high-grade aluminum and impact-absorbing rubber, making them durable for worksite use. They will be available for purchase in March 2018.

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