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Jan 23, 2020

LiftMaster Introduces First Garage Door Opener With Smart Camera

Liftmaster myQ Garage Door Opener With Smart Camera worms eye view

Garage door products brand LiftMaster is expanding its myQ-connected ecosystem of products that includes an opener with an integrated smart camera.

“As an industry leader in access solutions, LiftMaster is committed to providing our customers with secure, simple experiences that integrate smart technology,” says Jeff Meredith, president and COO of Chamberlain Group, parent company of LiftMaster and Chamberlain brand garage door openers and other products. “By expanding our myQ ecosystem with smart cameras, we enable users to see family members return home and the Amazon delivery driver drop a package in the garage.”

LiftMaster says the 85503 model is the first opener with a built-in wide-angle, high-definition camera. The unit also has a battery backup and Wi-Fi capability so it can be controlled with the brand’s myQ app. The smart camera opener is the next iteration of openers for LiftMaster, which introduced the 8550W DC Elite Series Residential Garage Door Opener in 2016. It was the brand’s first Wi-Fi residential garage door opener.

“The eyes and ears of the garage and first-ever garage door opener that comes with a built-in wide-angle camera and two-way communication,” the company says. “Ensure your family, prized possessions and even your Amazon Prime Packages are safe and secure with a reliable garage door opener that’s easy to use, built to last and exceptionally powerful.”

Key benefits of garage door opener with smart camera, include:

  • Built in camera with live-streaming 1080p video, manual 360-degree rotation, motion detection, and night vision
  • Built-in audio with live two-way communication, adjustable volume, and adjustable microphone
  • Smart phone control with myQ-connected app, remote open/close from anywhere, and customize alerts, access

One of the other benefits of the smart openers is that they work with Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery to provide Amazon Prime members with a secure, convenient place for all their package deliveries. With the delivery program, owners can watch deliveries happen in real-time through the Key App and/or the myQ App and confirm the garage entry door is secure at all times.

“Having peace of mind that your child arrived home from school, you remembered to close the garage door when you left the home, or the package was securely delivered, helps us to move through our busy days without distractions,” Meredith explains. “With the LiftMaster myQ-connected smart access ecosystem, you can monitor and control your home’s main entry points from your smartphone anytime, from anywhere.”

Liftmaster myQ Garage Door Opener With Smart Camera silo

Using the myQ App, homeowners are able to see and hear what’s happening inside the garage, anytime, anywhere. In addition, homeowners who already have an existing myQ-connected garage door opener can add a Smart Garage Camera easily for added convenience and security.

An after market product, the Smart Garage Camera includes a magnetic mounting base and Bluetooth technology that allows for quick installation and connectivity for added convenience and security. The unit offers similar benefits as the built-in unit, including live-feed monitoring of the garage, motion detection, automatic recording (when motion is detected), built-in Wi-Fi allowing smartphone control with the myQ app, and easy setup with Bluetooth and magnetic mounting base.

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LiftMaster Smart Garage Camera


Is there anything that connects operating system to car recognizing the vehicle upon approach

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Hello, Dirk

I asked them about that at the show, and the answer is not yet. They are not sure if they will add it eventually. But it's a feature as of now. Thanks for your question.

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