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Mar 14, 2019

Masonite Introduces Versatile Interior Door Design

Masonite Livingston Door

Masonite says it has developed the Livingston interior door to fit into a wide variety of interior designs.

The molded door with three equal-sized panels is a good fit for both modern and traditional homes, the company says. Subtle craftsmanship is visible in the sticking, and the doors are available in solid and hollow core versions.

Masonite Livingston Interior Door

“Homeowners are looking for products that will last the life of the house, and Livingston’s three-panel design provides them with a timeless look that will transcend evolving style trends,” says Lorena Morales, director of visual and content marketing for Masonite. “Livingston’s unmatched versatility provides builders and homeowners alike with a refreshing alternative to the traditional six-panel door.”

Livingston provides a solution for the company’s recent home trend research, which identified six aesthetics that will be popular with homeowners in 2019. They included the industrial Live/Work, warm but modern Rustic luxury, minimal Nordic Noir, farmhouse-look Urban Country, feminine Pretty + Calm, and Mediterranean Escape.

The Livingston Door in a Pretty + Calm interior.