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Jan 2, 2020

Modular Lighting Instruments Introduces Pista to North America

Belgian lighting manufacturer Modular Lighting Instruments has brought its versatile magnetic track system to the U.S market.

Pista is a 48-volt magnetic track rail system that offers a myriad of configuration,s including a Linear LED, Night Light LED, as well as the addition of five other Modular Lighting Instruments spotlight and suspended fixtures.

“Pista, the Italian word for ‘racetrack,’ embodies its name through slim and streamlined design,” the company says. “Though Pista’s tracks aren’t as curvy, they have the same potential for endless configurations.”


Modular Lighting Instruments PISTA fixture assortment

The company says that even though the tracks aren’t as curvy, they have the same potential for endless configurations thanks to a 180-degree connection module. As a result, the track rail can run continuously for quite a while. If you add a 90-degree connection, you can turn Pista into a right angle, square or rectangle, on the ceiling or wall. “Finally, use a flexible connection to create layers of light on one circuit,” the company explains. “Designers can play with 3 track rail sizes: 39.4 inches, 78.7 inches, and 118.1 inches.”

Pista’s adjustable, 1-inch-thick track rail can be outfitted with a Linear LED for general lighting, and with Médard 1.7, Marbulito, Marbulito suspended, Smart 1.9, or Smart 1.9 suspended for accent lighting. “The track system can also be installed with a combination of these luminaires on a single rail,” the company says. “Pista can be further enhanced by a twin bracket that enables the installation of two parallel tracks, which allows users to experiment with layering lighting schemes through symmetrical or asymmetrical installations.



With the debut in the U.S. market, Modular Lighting is also introducing a new technology into the market: the Night Light LED module. This module makes Pista a light fixture in disguise, the company says: when the light is on, the black diffuser creates a soft ambient light; when off, the fixture functions as an elegant black, linear accent on the ceiling or the wall. Field-cuttable covers further streamline the design by hiding the inner-workings of the track, resulting in a thin, clean profile.

“Leave the light off, and the sleek black Night Light becomes a design element that enhances the geometry of the environment,” Modular Light explains. “Turn the light on and the black diffuser produces a smooth and cozy glow that softens the light to create ambience. It’s no overstatement that Pista will be the luminaire of choice for high-end residential environments, intimate retail spaces or hospitality venues.”


Pista is available in powder-painted black or clean powder-painted white. It can be installed recessed or surface mounted on both ceiling and wall, or it can be suspended. There’s even a surface-mounted box with integrated driver, for challenging spaces or renovation projects.

“From there on, the configuration is in your hands,” the 40-year-old Belgium lighting brand says. “Literally. Simply click and slide the different units into the magnetic rails, adjust the tilt of the accent lights and you’re done. You can even add a cut-to-size cover to hide the track. Pista constantly invites you to create, change, play. You could say that Pista is therefore never truly finished. It’s a work in progress, albeit a pretty one.”

Modular Lighting Instruments PISTA kitchen Island Application Black

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