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Aug 27, 2020

Is This the Most Stain-Resistant, Washable Matte Paint on the Market?

Matte interior washable paint

Paint company Dunn-Edwards says its newly released Exquisite interior matte paint is the most stain-resistant, washable interior matte product on the market.

Moreover, due to the paint’s ultra-low VOC levels, it can be used in residential projects that want to meet strict indoor-air quality standards or in multifamily buildings, schools, hospitals, and other commercial projects, the company says.

Exquisite can be so resistant to general life mishaps due to Dunn-Edwards’ ChromaStay Technology, which combines chemical formulation and processing, the company says. But due to the tech’s proprietary nature, the process is kept under wraps, similar to a secret recipe.


Exquisite high end paint low-voc


Matte offerings have taken the design industry by storm in recent years, with matte black being one of the fastest growing finishes available for kitchen and bath plumbing. 

“With Exquisite, we started a trend,” Shanti Tenneti, product manager for Dunn-Edwards. “It is a new trend that we set. It is a new space that we’ve got the opportunity to have a washable and a scrubbable paint, which customers are always looking for. And they prefer a higher sheen product but now we are able to give that to them in a flat or a matte finish. So we fill the gap with the Exquisite launch.”

Consumers and builders typically use semi-gloss paints in kitchen and bath applications because those products are better at dealing with everyday scuffs and marks, but they use flat paint in other areas of the home. 


Flat matte interior paint


Flat and matte sheens are great at hiding imperfections in the wall, but they tell their history with scuffs, marks, scratches, and scrapes. Matte sheens aren’t typically washable either. But Dunn-Edwards says Exquisite solves those issues. Cleaning and general wear and tear are less likely to happen and easier to fix, the brand says.

As a 100 percent acrylic paint, Exquisite can adhere well to a variety of walls. This also makes the paint even more resistant to common problems such as blisters, flakes, and peels. 

Every color imaginable can be created with the Exquisite’s same formulation. Dunn-Edwards currently offers more than 2,000 colors ranging from warm neutrals to more than 100 whites, but says custom colors are always available.


Dunn-Edwards matte trendy paint

This release is the first, and the inspiration, for the company’s upcoming Deluxe line, a series of paints made for luxury and high-end projects but at a more competitive price point.

“When we looked at competitor top-of-the-line paints, other ultra-premium products, we noticed that Exquisite was performing much better than what’s out there in the industry,” says Tenneti. “And then we thought it wouldn’t do justice if we put Exquisite under our ultra-premium category because it’s way above it. Then it only made sense to create this new Deluxe portfolio, which is positioned above our ultra-premium product line and we thought Exquisite is best suited to be placed under that portfolio.”

Based in Southern California, Dunn-Edwards has been in the paint game for 95 years. The company says the new introduction is in line with its heritage: its Arizona manufacturing plant is LEED Gold-certified, and the company says it removed lead from their products over a decade before the government required it. Dunn-Edwards says ethylene glycol, a toxic chemical often found in paints, will not be found in its products.

“Not only that our mission is to provide the best performing paints, but we are also providing these paints in an environmentally sound manner to protect the health and the well-being of our customers,” Tenneti says.

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