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Aug 10, 2016

A New Collection of Handmade Cement Tiles

Cle Artist Cement Collection Ruan

Sausalito, Calif.-based clé has introduced a new collection of handmade encaustic cement tiles that was designed by 11 art studios across the globe.

The Artist Cement Collection features pieces by architects, artists, designers, and sculptors located in Europe, South America, and the United States.

“Our current encaustic cement tile collection is anchored with 19th century patterns, and so it’s exciting for us to introduce new work that has been envisioned by such provocative minds outside a revered segment of our traditional tile world,” says Deborah Osburn, founder and creative director of clé. “These artists are creating alluring interpretations of a classic tile, merging historic techniques with their own distinctive sentiments to create modern design.”

The company says the tiles draw inspiration from various areas, including vintage textiles, abstraction of nature, geometric forms, typography, and literature. Tiles measure 8 inches by 8 inches square or come in hexagon shapes. Each is pre-polished and pre-sealed and can be installed indoors or out, on walls and on floors.