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Sep 21, 2016

A New Lamp That Provides Two Types of Illumination

Plumen 003

The makers of the Plumen 003 light bulb says the new product offers a downward spotlight as well as a gold shade at the center of the bulb that gives off soft ambient light that is flattering to people’s faces.

“Sustainable design often lacks sex appeal—LED bulbs being no exception,” Nicolas Roope, co-founder and creative director of Plumen. “We decided that to attract customers to this new technology we needed to create an efficient light bulb that was also inspiring and beautiful in its own right.”

The Plumen 003—which the company calls “the most beautiful bulb ever created”—is essentially two lights in one. “The downward spotlight serves to illuminate a task, whether you’re working, reading, writing or eating,” the company says. “Simultaneously, the gold shade at the centre of the bulb gives off a soft ambient light.

“The gold element within has a faceted surface pattern, designed by a jeweler,” the company continues. “This creates a warm, luxurious, textured light that feels like it has come from an intricately cut gem or an ornately crafted precious metal.”

Plumen says the product’s dual functionality makes it perfect for any situation where homeowners are relaxing and focused on a task, but adds that it’s especially ideal for use above the dining table.

To accomplish the dual illumination, the company’s engineering team developed a method for distributing the light exactly where it is required while at the same time holding gold elements in the center of the bulb. “The design means the light of the LED is warmed as it reflects off the gold elements, creating a soft glow round the sides, flattering to everything it illuminates.”

The relationship is symbiotic, for while the gold elements warm the light, the light brings the facets to life by making them sparkle like a jewel.

With a bulb life span of 10,000 hours, 003 consumes 6 watts, offers 250 lumens, and is being sold as a bulb and pendant set.