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Jul 28, 2016

A New Sink That Inserts Into a Wall, Hidden From View

Corian sink that is inserted into the wall cavity and is visible only by a sheet of glass that protrudes from the surface.

Italian fixtures manufacturer Antonio Lupi Design has introduced a new Corian sink that is inserted into the wall cavity and is visible only by a sheet of glass that protrudes from the surface.

This sink is part of the new design concept where the product is a functional element as well as an artistic expression.

“The wall becomes the container that houses the sink: perfectly integrated into the wall, blending together and extracting only what’s necessary,” the company says.

Unlike a traditional sink that either hangs from the wall or sits in or on a vanity, the Battigia sink is stuccoed, plastered, and painted like the rest of the surface where it has been inserted. The unit can be dressed up with white and blue led lighting, and the faucet can be incorporated in the wall structure. The inclined part—the element that is visible to the eye—can be glass, wood, Corian, or marble.

“The extreme minimalism and the effect of the light are its striking characteristics, differentiating Battigia from any other sink on the market,” the company writes.


Would like more info on this sink. Pricing, specs, etc.

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The product was introduced in Italy, and I was unable to find anymore information. The link to the website has specs you can download.

I'm a general contractor that does kitchens and baths would like to know all about the sink, pricing, installation and functionality

In my 50+ years as a practicing architect, being raised in a family of plumbers, yet I cannot discern, from information provided within this ad, howit works?? No bowl, drain, location for supply??? Maybe I should have been looking in the background of the picture at the odd white "thing" on the floor????

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The editors: These postings are not ads. Our editors scour the architecture and construction world looking for new and interesting products and we write about them. Sometimes we are able to track down additional information, sometimes not. We are in no way endorsing the viability of these products. We are merely reporting on items that we see, find. Thank you.


Who carries these for distribution?

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We were unable to find any information, so we are not sure. Because it's so new, it's very likely that the product hasn't reached the U.S. market yet.

A non-functional waste of time and money for the sake of décor.

I recieve your publication for ideas to actually use. We cannot buy it, no info on how it works. Waste of my time and yours

It is great to see the new products that may or may not be coming along to our market. Such creativity!

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