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Apr 27, 2016

New Textured Channel Glass Makes Objects Seemingly Disappear

New Textured Channel Glass making apple Seemingly Disappear

Glass supplier Bendheim has introduced a new textured architectural glass product that allows architects and designers to achieve a high level of privacy while still allowing maximum daylight to interiors.

An expansion of the Houdini glass line, the textured Channel glass is an ultra-clear, low-iron flat glass with a fine micro-ribbed surface that the company says “reduces glare and obscures the shapes of people and objects behind it to such an extent they seem to disappear.”

Channel glass is a translucent, U-shaped, cast glass that allows the A+D community to create virtually seamless glass walls uninterrupted by metal frames. “Installed vertically, the glass can span heights up to 23 feet and limitless lengths, a distinct advantage over traditional flat glass. “It can also create sweeping curved walls without the need for high-cost custom bent glass,” the company says. “The glass channels can be installed vertically or horizontally, in single or double-glazed configurations.”

Houdini channel glass is produced in clear glass featuring a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content up to 40 percent, or low-iron ultra-clear glass. It’s available in face widths ranging from 9 to 19 inches, lengths up to 23 feet, and a thickness of roughly ¼ inch. The specialty architectural glass is available to the trade exclusively from Bendheim Wall Systems.