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Aug 5, 2021

The Next Generation of Insulation from Owens Corning is Here

owens corning pink next gen insulation

Move aside itchy, dusty fiberglass insulation and make way for the next generation of insulation from Owens Corning, the original Fiberglas manufacturer.

Due to the newly advanced fiber technology, Owens Corning’s PINK Next Gen Fiberglas removes all the negative notions of typical fiberglass insulation products, the company claims. The thinner, tightly woven fibers come together to form a durable blanket of micro-pockets, the company explains. Benefits include faster and easier installation.

“Contractors today have high performance expectations and extremely tight timelines,” said Joe Wagner, insulation marketing director. “This product evolution is a significant step-change in meeting the needs of contractors, as well as installers, builders, and homeowners.”


PINK Next Gen Fiberglas claims to cut down on installation time by 23% compared to existing products. With that saved time, installers can insulate up to 161 more homes per year, based on 1,457 square feet of insulation, according to the company’s calculations. And during the shortened insulation time, residential professionals will have an easier handle on the product.

The advanced fiber technology removes the rough aspects of insulation, instead offering a cotton-like feel that resists shedding, itching, and minimizes dust. It’s also engineered to be stiffer, resulting in easier installation. Advanced stiffness allows for easy cuts and clean splits when installing around wires and pipes. This is especially important as framing becomes more complicated, the brand explains. It can also help achieve a Grade I designation when inspection time rolls around because the product will appear smoother and more uniform.

“PINK Next Gen recovers instantly and retains its stiffness, so it glides right into the stud cavity without fluffing or compressing. And it’s more comfortable and cleaner to handle,” said Brandon Gallegos, owner of Idaho-based G&G Insulation, in an interview with Pro Remodeler magazine. “My installer Braden Chafin finds it’s not flimsy like other products and doesn’t stick to you or have little strands of insulation everywhere like we do with some of the other batt materials.”


Healthier + Sustainable 

The insulation’s also more sustainable and cleaner, claims Owens Corning. It comes in a range of R-values to help meet specific project needs, and it's moisture- and mold-resistant, adds the manufacturer.

Homeowners benefit from the new insulation, too. New fiber technology in the material limits sound transmission through walls and floors by reducing reverb inside the home. Homeowners may feel safer knowing the product is UL GREENGUARD-certified for low VOCs. GREENGUARD-certified products are rigorously tested by a third party to confirm low chemical emissions, which help to reduce indoor air pollution. Owens Corning says the insulation also offers “99%-safer fire performance” and less smoke without any added fire retardants compared to competitive insulation products.

Made of recycled glass, the company claims that its PINK Next Gen Fiberglas insulation offers the highest recycled content in the industry. Plus, it’s manufactured with 100% wind-powered electricity which saves 12 times the amount of energy than what’s used in the typical manufacturing process, according to the company. 

“PINK Next Gen insulation sets a new standard for insulation as the right choice for contractors, builders, and homeowners,” claimed Wagner. 

pink next gen insulation owens corning

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