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Oct 3, 2016

Is This North America's First Self Cleaning Toilet?

American Standard self cleaning toilet.

The ActiClean self-cleaning toilet makes it simple to keep the toilet clean without gloves or a brush.

American Standard’s new ActiClean toilet features a fully integrated self-cleaning system, allowing users to simply press a button and let the toilet do the work.

“The innovative ActiClean toilet was created based on consumer research,” says Maha El Kharbotly, chief marketing officer for LIXIL Water Technology Americas. “Our incredible product, engineering and design teams rose to the challenge, taking the groundbreaking VorMax flushing technology a step further by adding a cleaning component, and creating a self-cleaning system that is simple to use and maintain.”

Eliminating the need for after-market cleaning solutions, the toilet features a flip-up door on the tank where the control panel for the battery-powered cleaning system is located.

The process is simple: The user presses the button for the preferred cleaning cycle—Quick Clean that takes one minute or Deep Clean that offers an extended, 10-minute cleaning cycle.

“When the user selects an option, cleaning solution travels through the designated channel in the tank and is mixed with water,” the company explains. “The cleaner is released into the bowl, combined with the powerful VorMax jetted force, which allows the cleaner to completely scour the bowl from top to bottom.”

Cleaner soaks in the bowl for the chosen amount of time. When the soaking time has ended, the system will automatically siphon the cleaning agent and rinse the bowl with clear water, American Standard adds. The cleaning solution cartridge will last up to nine weeks, based on two weekly cleanings.

Additional features of the toilet include a finish that inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, VorMax flushing technology that uses 1.28 gallons of water, slow-close seat, and an EZ-Install kit designed to make installation quick and easy.