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Dec 7, 2022

Nova USA Wood Products Announces New Additions to Exotic Wood Product Line

Nova USA Wood Products Announces New Additions to Exotic Wood Product Line

Portland, Ore. – Nova USA Wood Products recently announced the addition of several exotic wood products and species to its existing line of tropical hardwood decking and siding products at the 2022 Traders Market held in Phoenix, Arizona. The new entries include classically beautiful and stylish products like Rhino Wood decking and siding from South Africa, Bamboo decking and siding from China, and a range of reclaimed marine timbers, which can be resawn and used in a wide range of applications including interior, exterior, and industrial projects.

“Focused on the lumber industry, the Traders Market is perfect for gaining valuable insights into the latest industry trends, happenings and market needs,” said Steve Getsiv, president and CEO of Nova USA Wood Products Inc. “The new introductions to our premium hardwood product line were specifically designed to fill the void for expensive, hard-to-obtain wood species with extremely beautiful, durable and cost-effective products that will last for years, if not decades, under the most intense environmental situations.”

According to Keaton Smith, the company’s wood systems product manager, “Rhino Wood was probably our biggest hit at the show. A thermally-modified, plantation-grown Radiata Pine that’s wax impregnated, Rhino Wood offers high-density, low-maintenance and extremely stable characteristics that will age into a magnificent sliver-grey color over time if left unfinished. As a result, Rhino Wood is a perfect sustainable alternative for hardwoods like Ipe. That’s because it performs exceptionally well in demanding climates that have extreme temperature and humidity swings as well as close-to-the-ground, exterior applications that include the building of decking, siding, soffits and pergolas.

In addition to displaying its ExoDek® and ExoClad® QuickClip® hidden fastening systems, ExoShield premium wood stains and fire-rated hardwood decking & Rainscreen siding products at the 2022 Traders Market, Nova USA Wood also unveiled a new line of:

  • FSC Reclaimed and Heavy Industrial Marine Timbers. Used for everything from docks and bridges to retaining walls, Nova USA Wood’s marine timber species feature extremely high strength and endurance levels, which make them ideal for heavy industrial and oceanfront applications. Included are the company’s Angelique, Basralocus, which is a high-performance, caramel-brown hardwood that’s resistant to moisture, stable, durable and exceptionally strong. Another is Nova USA Wood’s Ekki hardwood, which is an African species that’s recognized as one of the world’s hardest and most durable timber species
  • Bamboo Decking & Siding. Used throughout the world for more than 4,000 years due to its superb versality, hardness, stability and resistance to decay and insects, Bamboo is both a renewable and sustainable resource that typically grows several inches a day in the right climates. Denser than Ipe, Bamboo also has a consistently clear grain, which can be sealed and stained easily to make it ideal for decking, siding, fencing, outdoor flooring and other exterior applications  

For more information on Nova USA Wood Product’s complete line of Real Wood Solutions please visit the company’s website at or call 503-419-6407.