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Jan 16, 2020

Overhead Door Introduces Its First Wall-Mount Garage Openers

Overhead Door Infinity 2000 Wall Mount Garage Openers Application
The units are ideal for homes with limited headroom or ceiling space.

The Overhead Door brand has introduced its first residential wall-mount garage door openers that are ideal for homes with limited headroom or ceiling space.

“Residential garages come in all shapes and sizes, and the traditional ceiling-mounted opener is not always the best option for homeowners looking to use garage space to its fullest potential,” says Christian Morrow, brand manager for Overhead Door. “As our first line of wall-mounted residential openers, the Infinity 2000 garage door openers give homeowners unprecedented design flexibility to use their garage space how they want.”

The Overhead Infinity 2000 (Models 9020H and 9120H-B) are ideal for homes with limited headroom or ceiling space. The new openers come standard with the Overhead Door Wireless Wall Console that was released in 2019 and will reduce installation time for dealers, the company says. It will also ease the everyday lives of consumers with its “Jogger Button,” allowing homeowners a maximum 30-second delay to exit the garage safely when used, the company adds.


As the company explains it, the 9020H and 9120H-B are quiet, compact and powerful openers that feature a 24-volt DC motor to operate residential sectional doors measuring up to 14 feet and weighing up to 850 pounds. Each unit also includes an LED light fixture that provides light with the flexibility to place a fixture anywhere in the garage. A new wireless wall console comes, and customers may choose the opener with or without integrated Wi-Fi or battery backup.

But the 9120H-B model has added premium features that come standard. For example, it includes integrated OHD Anywhere technology and a backup battery system on the base model. “The OHD Anywhere Wi-Fi technology makes these openers capable of being monitored and controlled via smartphone, as well as smart home compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing homeowners to control their garage doors by voice,” the company says.


The company explains that the battery backup complies with California’s new law, Bill 969, requiring all newly installed garage door openers in the state to have a battery backup, and lets customers know that, with electricity or not, they will still be able to access their garage.

“As we continue to create innovative, technologically savvy advancements, we want to make sure we’re integrating those across our entire product lines,” Morrow adds. “Offering top-of-the-line accessories like the Wireless Wall Console, Battery Backup and OHD Anywhere as standard accessories is one way we’re making that happen.”

Overhead Door Infinity 2000 Wall Mount Garage Openers Model 9020H Silo


​The full lis of Infinity 2000 openers include the following:


Optional Integrated OHD Anywhere
Wi-fi and smartphone control capabilities.

Optional Battery Backup
Battery Backup unit allows opening and closing of a door during a limited power outage.

​​DC motor technology
DC motor operates with variable speed for soft start and stop, providing smooth, quiet operation, less wear and tear on your garage.

Integrated cable tension monitoring 
Provides monitored tension to aid in the prevention of cables becoming unspooled. 

CodeDodger access security system
Each time the remote control is activated, a new access code is selected from 4.3 billion possible combinations to help prevent piracy of the radio signal that opens the door.

Auto seek frequency range
The opener listens for both the 315 or 390 MHz frequency emitted by the remote or wireless keypad, allowing reliable operation even in areas with frequency interference.

Self-diagnostic Safe-T-Beam System
When objects pass through the infrared beam, the door automatically stops closing and then reverses.

​​Lighting system

1800 lumens LED light fixture provides light with the flexibility to place fixture anywhere in the garage.

​​Door Lock
Ensures the door cannot be opened from the outside without first pulling release handle from inside.




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