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May 4, 2020

Radianz Now Shipping 11 New Quartz Countertop Colors and Patterns from Cirrus Collection

Radianz Splendor Cirrus Collection

Radianz Now Shipping 11 Gorgeous New Quartz.

Radianz Now Shipping 11 New Quartz, Countertop Colors, Patterns from Cirrus Collection

LA PALMA, Calif. (May 1, 2020) – Homeowners, distributors, designers, and retailers can now order any of the eleven new Radianz Cirrus Collection 2020 colors and patterns, expanding the industry’s most stunning line of natural quartz surfaces. Manufactured by LOTTE Chemical Corporation, the new Cirrus Collection colors and patterns impart a sense of current and enduring style to residential and commercial spaces.
LOTTE Chemical Corporation developed the Cirrus Collection to offer superior aesthetics and performance. Composed of up to 94% natural quartz, Cirrus Collection countertops deliver exceptional scratch resistance, stain resistance, and durability. Radianz quartz surfaces are Certified Class A fire rated and resistant to heat. The LOTTE manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, earning GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD GOLD, and LEED certifications.


The new Cirrus Collection colors and patterns are available in time for national Home Remodeling Month in May. Architects, builders, and homeowners will have access to the most durable and visually-striking quartz countertops on the market today, ideal for use in a wide variety of kitchen and bathroom styles.  

“Our supply of the new colors, as well as shipments of existing Radianz quartz surfaces, remains uninterrupted and highly available for both short-term residential and long-term commercial projects,” said John Kim, director, LOTTE Chemical Corp. “The addition of premium colors and designs to the popular Cirrus Collection demonstrates our ongoing leadership in delivering the exceptional quartz surfaces the market wants.”


The eleven new Radianz Cirrus Collection colors are:

  • Alluring – a warm white accentuated with a varied brown veining pattern that mirrors natural stone. 
  • Andes – an extremely subtle pattern combining a dominant rich white surface with delicate gray veining. 
  • Annapuruna – an inviting white that features veining that modulates from bold gray to a delicate light gray across the surface. 
  • Calacatta Classic – a beautifully-composed white to light-gray color permeated with both solid thick and thin bands of gray veins. 
  • Calacatta Dolce – a stylish surface featuring a white to light-gray base color, interspersed with gray veins ranging from pencil-thin to aggregate-filled thick bands. 
  • Calacatta Ice – a surface masterpiece featuring the signature Calacatta white to light-gray color, with thin, gray veins that mimic natural stone. 
  • Calacatta Veneto – a soothing off-white interspersed with a subtle, delicate veining pattern – available for order now and scheduled for shipment throughout the U.S. in July. 
  • Marquina Lavagna – a luxuriant black with thin veins of striking white – available for order now and scheduled for shipment throughout the U.S. in July. 
  • Pristine – an attractive off-white color, highlighted by striking white veining to create exceptional contrast. 
  • Splendor – an extremely rich, wave-like black-to-brown coloration that is perfectly complemented by light-gold specks. 
  • Statuario Massa – a beautifully tempered white with elongated, branch-like gray veining.


About LOTTE Chemical Corporation

LOTTE Chemical Corp. manufactures and markets high-performance decorative surfacing materials for residential and commercial applications around the globe. Originally part of the Samsung family of companies, LOTTE Chemical Corp. is rapidly expanding its North American presence through the company’s solid-surface brand, Staron, a seamless and thermo-formable, acrylic product suitable for a wide range of commercial applications. The quartz surface brand, Radianz, is a premium engineered surface designed to be ultra-durable. The new Locelain® sintered-stone collection features a high-quality natural stone look and superb durability. Through cutting-edge technology and insights into worldwide market trends, LOTTE Chemical Corp. continues to excel in today’s surface industry.