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Jan 29, 2018

Riobel Debuts Electronic, Pressure-Balanced Thermostatic Shower System

Riobel Genius Shower Digital Shower Control

French-Canadian brand Riobel has launched a new electronic shower system, the Genius Shower, that can activate one or two components simultaneously.

“Simple and user-friendly—two words that perfectly sum up the Genius Shower,” the manufacturer says in a statement. “Its digital keypad is so easy to handle that everyone in the family will be able to use it, regardless of age or dexterity.”

The manufacturer says the unit features a “highly sophisticated” temperature sensor that allows users set the water temperature they want. Plus, it provides stable and safe water temperature in the event of a drop in hot- or cold-water pressure.

Genius Shower also is easy to install, the company says. “Installing it is easier than installing a regular shower system since the valve is designed to be inserted between two 2×3-inch studs in a discreet spot such as a closet, under the sink, or behind the shower.”

Riobel says the unit is one of the few electronic shower systems on the market that comes with an auto-recharge battery with a 1.5-hour life. As a result, it outputs up to 19 liters of water per minute at 60 psi, even in the event of a power blackout.

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