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Apr 27, 2016

Stack Lighting Introduces ‘One-of-a-Kind’ Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

Stack Lighting Motion Sensor Lightbulbs

Home and building automation manufacturer Stack Lighting has debuted what it is calling “the world’s first responsive light bulb,” a product that integrates radio frequency motion-sensing technology so there is no need to touch a switch.

As a result of the RF technology, the bulb detects motion from within sconces and other traditional lighting fixtures as well as through lamp shades.

“The work the team has done to create and integrate this new RF technology into the Classic A19 shows our ongoing commitment to provide customers with the most innovative lighting solutions available,” says Neil Joseph, founder and CEO of Stack.

The A19 lamp features embedded sensing technology that enables users to interface with the lights without having to touch a switch or smartphone app. In addition, it includes sensor technology that automatically detects and adjusts to meaningful occupancy changes and available ambient light.

The bulb will be available in late summer 2016 and will be available at a pre-order price of $28 per bulb and $89 per starter kit (each starter kit includes two bulbs and a hub).