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Nov 5, 2018

ThermaSol Adds Touchscreen Control, Digital Shower Valve

ThermaSol ThermaTouch with serenity rain head

ThermaTouch Plus with Serenity Light, Sound Rain Showerhead

Steam shower and home spa manufacturer ThermaSol has introduced two new innovations to its product offerings—the ThermaTouch Plus smart shower controller and a new digital shower valve.

The new additions deliver what the company calls “return on wellness investment,” allowing homeowners to completely personalize their shower experience.

“We spent a long time and a lot of resources exploring ways to use and advance technology to make the home shower/spa the best it can be,” says Mitch Altman, CEO of ThermaSol. “We never upgrade products without real purpose and we weren’t going to release new products until we knew they offered more than any other products on the market.”

ThermaSol digital shower valve

ThermaSol digital shower valve

When paired together, the ThermaTouch Plus control pad and digital valves allow homeowners to specify steam duration and water temperature settings on multiple water outlets. The 7-inch LCD touchscreen is fully waterproof and controls ThermaSol’s new digital shower and its Serenity Light, Sound Rain Head.

The ThermaTouch screen also acts as an app platform for the Android operating system, with 20 popular apps—such as Netflix, Spotify, and ESPN—that can be downloaded in the ThermaTouch App Store. The screen can also play nine soothing scenes and sounds from nature.

ThermaTouch Plus screen with apps

ThermaTouch Plus screen with apps

The digital valve features ceramic disc valves and two stepper motors, which divide motor rotations into an equal number of steps, delivering more refined temperature maintenance and control, the company says.

All ThermaSol products are manufactured in the U.S.


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