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Mar 21, 2023

True Residential Introduces Bluestone

True Residential Introduces Bluestone

Image courtesy True Residential

O’Fallon, Mo — True Residential, a luxury home refrigeration brand with commercial DNA, unveils a captivating, new blue hue with an enduring appeal. Imbued with subtle hints of gray and lilac, the new addition to the brand’s Build Your True program of custom finishes and hardware is part of its rapidly growing compilation of richly-hued finishes that also read as neutrals. 

True Residential Brand Manager, Chelsea Bothe, says, “Our celebration of color and choices in design is ongoing. Each year we pore over the project archives and explore the cultural, stylistic, and artistic hues that are making the biggest impact around the globe. Ultimately, our deep dive into crowd-pleasing colors with staying power tends to guide us toward classic colors with a bit of a modern twist—that also exhibit depth. The choice of Bluestone has been a longtime coming—is there a more universally loved color than blue? Naturally uplifting, blue in all its shades inspires feelings of tranquility and trust—Bluestone even more so.”

Just as its namesake stone, Bluestone exudes strength and versatility. With its calming blue base, the new finish also inspires feelings of serenity and stability. Its inherent association with one of the earth’s strongest natural materials and reminiscent of the sky on a crisp, foggy day, Bluestone imparts a layered appeal. The hue is also noted for its ability to convey confidence, depth, and inspiration—key elements when designing spaces imbued with those sentiments.

The inclusion of the new Bluestone hue to the brand’s Build Your True program of custom finishes and hardware now allows homeowners and designers  a choice of 72 unique color combinations on any of its full-size or indoor/outdoor undercounter units.