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Oct 30, 2019

Ultra-Compact Dekton by Cosentino Goes Ultra-Saturated with New Chromica Collection

Designed in collaboration with architect and designer Daniel Germani, the two hues channel striking shades from nature’s most remote corners.

Dekton by Cosentino, the world’s most innovative and durable architectural surface, once again asserts its position at the industry forefront with the launch of its Dekon Chromica Collection , designed in collaboration with architect and designer Daniel Germani. Comprised of two deeply saturated hues, Baltic and Feroe, their sleek matte finish exudes drama and sophistication.

“Chromica is an exploration in color,” Germani says. “In researching new hues that could be used with both organic and technical materials, the answer was in front of me all along…dark shades of blue and green. These two analogous colors play well with each other but also play well with a lot of different colors in the color wheel. The difficult part was to find hues that will be both timeless and modern, that will play well both in traditional as in contemporary spaces and that could be used both in indoor as outdoor spaces. The process was very intuitive and working with Cosentino’s research and development department made it a breeze.”


The intense character of the Baltic blue and Feroe green colorways draw inspiration directly from nature’s wildest and most remote places, reflecting Mother Nature’s force and determination. Valentín Tijeras, Global Product and R&D Vice President for Cosentino Group, says this new offering meets previously unaddressed need in residential, commercial and hospitality design. “We created the Chromica collection to meet growing trends that favor the use of solid blue and green tones in interior design,” he said. “Discreet and elegant, they blend perfectly into any style.” Tijeras says they also carry strong color psychology influences, helping exude a sense of tranquility and calm.


Baltic emerges from the most daring depths of the sea, from the struggle between light and darkness to master the nuances of the ocean. A pure, aesthetic concept in dark blue that boasts a strong yet serene personality.


Inspired by the hidden and unexplored corners of nature, Feroe combines a subdued and sophisticated character, resulting in a unique dark green hue. A tone created in harmony, it perfectly complements warm, fresh design palettes.


The beauty of the new Dekton Chromica collection is rivaled only by its unparalleled durability — boasting superior resistance to UV rays, scratches, stains and sudden changes in temperature. Its durability and low maintenance guarantee a long useful life regardless of its application. Thanks to its high mechanical properties, Dekton is perfect for the most daring cuts in designs that are exposed to demanding situations, such as wind loads, irregular loads and various perforations. All of this makes it the perfect product for an array of uses, from flooring, façades, cladding, countertops, stairways, and more. Dekton is available in large-format slabs and in various thicknesses, opening up a large range of creative possibilities for architects and designers for commercial and residential projects alike.