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Aug 2, 2021

Unifying WiFi-Enabled Devices

Brilliant Smart Home System

In partnership with residential developer SYMBI Homes, PRODUCTS recently completed a high-performance demonstration project in Mt. Rainier, Md., a Washington, DC suburb. 

The pilot project, a for-sale duplex, showcases a higher level of quality, innovation, and sustainability in home building.

A key component of SYMBI’s enlightened approach includes enhancing owner’s comfort and efficiency through smart home technology. To that end, SYMBI CEO Nicole Tysvaer wanted and searched for a user-friendly, cost-effective solution that would integrate WiFi-enabled devices. She ultimately selected the Brilliant Smart Home System, which features:

  • Attractive, affordable, and easy-to-install wall-mounted control panels, which take the place of regular light switches;
  • The integration of multiple WiFi-enabled devices across multiple platforms including lighting, security cameras, doorbells, thermostats, and more; 
  • User-friendly interface that can be accessed from cell phones, computer, or control panels via touch or voice-assistant (e.g., Alexa) commands; and
  • The ability to schedule devices and create custom “scenes” that can help SYMBI homeowners save energy.

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Product Innovation

The Brilliant Smart Home System bundles together a variety of WiFi-enabled devices into one seamless, affordable, user-friendly application. 

At SYMBI Duplex One, Brilliant helps to manage the homes’ Ring security cameras and doorbells, Schlage locks, Sonos speakers, and Wemo light switches and electrical outlets. A Brilliant Control Panel activates the system and also provides interior intercom and baby or pet monitoring functionality. 

Homeowners can set schedules, such as turning the exterior lights on and off according to sunrise and sunset, as well as set “scenes,” such as “dinner party” which can dim the lights and turn on Jazz music in the main living space, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency. 

SYMBI installed three Brilliant Control Panels at each home’s front door, back door, and primary bedroom, all of which can be voice controlled using Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Homeowners also can access the Brilliant app on their computers and smartphones to manage and monitor the system. “Brilliant lets you choose the best way to control your home in every situation whether that be touch, voice, home automation,” says Mia Sapienza, marketing coordinator st Brilliant. “It really is simple and convenient for every person in the home to use.”

Sapienza says the company can work with builders of all sizes. “You only need one control to get started,” she says, enabling connections to a WiFi-enabled doorbell, locks, lights, and other connected devices. Two controls unlock additional features, such as intercom. “It just depends on what you want. There is no price point we don’t work with.”

Control panels feature a screen to access the Brilliant app, LED-compatible dimmer light switches, and a camera with optional privacy setting

SYMBI installed three Brilliant Control Panels throughout their homes which replace a typical two-gang light switch. Control panels feature a screen to access the Brilliant app, LED-compatible dimmer light switches, and a camera with optional privacy setting.


The Brilliant Smart Home System offers convenience for homeowners and builders, says Tysvaer. SYMBI installed control panels in place of light switches already specified on their electrical plans, which means no additional wiring to get the system up and running.  

The Brilliant system also supports SYMBI’s core design principles to integrate technology “that makes people’s lives easier,” Tysvaer says. “Instead of having 13 apps on your phone, you can go to one place.” 

And when their smartphone isn’t easily accessible, homeowners can use the in-home control panels to answer their front doorbell from the primary bedroom on the second floor, for instance. The voice-activated feature supports universal design for all members of the household, and the system’s scheduling options encourage homeowners to save energy by turning off lights when not needed, among other efficiencies.

Furthermore, Tysvaer appreciates the sleek, modern look of the Brilliant control panels. “Brilliant’s crisp white finish, slim profile, and minimalist screen complement SYMBI’s modern aesthetic,” she says. 

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Tips from the Builder

  • Brilliant allows builders to start with a relatively simple system that can be augmented over time. SYMBI converted all switches on the main floor and primary bedroom to WiFi-enabled and included three control panels in their turnkey units. Homeowners can add devices and functionality the system after occupancy.
  • SYMBI recommends that contractors get WiFi service up and running to assess signal strength and test the Brilliant system prior to closing and move-in. The WiFi assessment may identify dead spots in and around the home where signal extenders are necessary. Once homeowners move in, builders will need to transfer ownership of the WiFi account, Brilliant system, and all connected related devices.

A Brilliant Control Panel is mounted conveniently just inside the front door at SYMBI Duplex One, Unit B.A Brilliant Control Panel is mounted conveniently just inside the front door at SYMBI Duplex One, Unit B.

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