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Nov 7, 2019

3 Framing Tips to Reduce Air Leakage and Save Energy

Custom builder Logan Parker shares his framing tips for a  well-insulated home that increases energy efficiency and minimizes gaps.

Parker’s company, Heirloom Builders, specializes in sustainable solutions and design. It is located in Silk Hope, North Carolina, and to uphold its sustainable goals, it mills its own lumber. 

Parker suggests ditching 2x4s for 2x6s, using continuous rigid insulation and gaskets, and fortifying the frame with energy star corners.


“Thirty percent of home energy loss comes from air leakage,” Parker says. “Continuous insulation on the exterior walls and gaskets underneath your mud sill and the top and bottom edges of your wall sheeting will stop a tremendous amount of air leakage and energy loss right off the bat.”

By using materials to seal the frame, builders can reduce that percentage. He uses Zip System R-Sheathing for his rigid insulation and EPDM sills and wall gaskets to seal the frame. 


"Our Mission is to lead the green building movement in a sustainable direction. We build homes that perform as more than just shelter," the company website says. "They are super-insulated and well ventilated - to maintain a comfortable environment on their own." Heirloom Builders also specializes in custom cabinetry, solar panels and 3D design. The green aspect of the company is inspired by Parker's interest in survival techniques.

Today we are installing a brand-new master bathroom. So this is a remodel before the cabinetry it was all different sizes. different angles there was beige on beige on beige a step leading into the tub and it was just time for an update Our client wanted something that felt crisp and modern and a fresh experience when he walked into their bathroom. One of the biggest changes was the tub. it's this beautiful spa tub now we got rid of the steps all of the tile and the statement with the windows is really, really nice so the ceiling slopes in the bathroom and above the tub it was too low for us to do a really great focal point chandelier but we still wanted to do something more special than a can light so we did a really great flush mount fixture and I love that has this perforated detail one of the other changes that we made was taking out the wood blinds and replacing them with soft . linen roman shades and I know there are people out there saying to themselves why did she get rid of the wood blinds because I know that they're costly but you can hate me if you want I think with lions I'm a little bit dated and they block a lot of light and so because they feel reminiscent of a mini blind I usually take them out now you can close the shade open it completely to get lots of natural light and the fabric makes things feel softer we love designing custom cabinetry I think it just takes every space up a notch and in here we did this rifts on white oak and at the bottom of the leg you'll see a really cool brass detail the lights are a statement they have this really interesting glass shape and their brass we have brass hardware on the vanity so we wanted to mix it up by doing at the brush satin nickel on the faucet and on the mirror and I love the low profile vessel sink that we did in here as well so we have a standard-sized tile we could have done a herringbone pattern but we wanted to do something a little bit different with it so we laid it in a two by two and I think the effect is a little bit more modern and I love the look.
Moving to the shower we changed the scale to tile on the shower floor we usually we use a mosaic there because the tile installers need to kind of angle it so that water flows into the drain we have this great faux marble on the floor here and then the shade of the shower really stayed the same but you'll see we've changed the glass front to be all blasts and used clips so it has a more seamless look and then we added a bench whenever we can fit a bench in a shower I say do it we've styled the bathroom with really great Mikiko accessories and I love that we added a tree this bathroom gets a lot of natural light so it's a place that we can add some greenery and anytime we have a free-standing tub loved to add a little stool so that you can put brushes soap etc next to it and adds a nice layer bathroom turned out so great it feels happy and fresh and so spa-like which is exactly how a master bathroom should feel I think hope you enjoyed the webisode make sure that you subscribe for more.