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Jan 31, 2020

Can You Remodel a Bath for $300? One Designer Makes the Dream a Reality in this Budget Remodel



Rebecca Robeson shows how to update a bathroom for $300, $600, and $1,200


The price of bathroom renovations keeps climbing, but that doesn’t mean all projects must cost a fortune. Rebecca Robeson of Robeson Design shares how to renovate for as low as $300 and still get that dream bathroom result. 

“I started with the things that were cheap easy to do but I knew would make an impact,” Robeson says. “The most obvious and biggest impact was painting those dark walls out to a beautiful white.”


The designer remodeled the guest bathroom in three phases to see what she could add for each price level: one at $300, $600, and $1,200. With both minor changes such as adding a toilet paper holder and lengthened shower curtain and bigger changes such as updated cabinets and pulls, Robeson transformed the look of the bathroom for a bright, minimalistic look.  


Watch the video to learn more. 



Welcome back to Robeson Design, and I am Rebecca Robeson. And today we're gonna talk bathrooms. You know, over the years I've had the opportunity to design some pretty cool bathrooms. You know some of these before and afters in my projects, they can get really expensive everything. Including all the materials the design the contractor fees it was about thirty five thousand to do this. Today is gonna be a day of reality because we're coming back to my house, we're gonna be doing a bathroom remodel in my own bathroom. It's a guest bathroom and it's a very seldom used which means ding-ding-ding-ding-ding  It’s done on a budget.


When it came to the budget for my bathroom I decided nothing more than $2,000 but then it occurred to me why didn't I challenge myself I'm gonna challenge myself and see how big of a difference can I make on a small budget of of say $300 or what if I doubled that and had $600 to spend what could I do and where would I start and then I decided I'll double it again $1,200 if I could do this bathroom remodel for $1,200 I think I could be I'd be really proud of myself for one and I think it'd be helpful for you so you ready to see what I did three budgets here we come so I'm gonna go upstairs and I'm going to unscrew my cabinet doors because I can DIY this I swear. That's heavy I'm just gonna  do this DIY but I'm already sweating.


That's how it's done whether you rent or own. The choices I'm going to show you today are doable because you're not making major construction changes hey now is a great time for me to tell you. I'm gonna make this cultured marble which is look great in this quick remodel but if you really want to know how to do it right you should join the design sessions we recently did a design section on countertops which would be solid stone we have quartzite and granite and marble we tell you all the things you need to know if you're going to be replacing any countertops or even backsplashes or big walls and stuff in solid stone so go check out the design sessions it's on my website it is not on youtube this $300 budget remodel I started with the things that were cheap easy to do but I knew would make an impact. The most obvious and biggest impact was painting those dark walls out to a beautiful white.

Little changes go a long way

 I cannot stand a shower curtain that is so short it doesn't go to the ceiling you want to know how I made this beautiful custom looking shower curtain I'm gonna teach you this trick and I swear if there's nothing else you get out of this video get this buy two shower curtains thevery same thing use the second curtainfor the extra link that you're going toneed to add to the bottom of the first shower curtain sew them together iron them out floor-to-ceiling shower curtain makes a big impact and then of course it doesn't cost hardly anything to do some cleanup and maintenance those light switches the outlets and even the cooking around the tub and around the sink those kinds of Things that's just cleanup and maintenance  but boy does it make an overall big difference I did a few other things like a little bit of accessorizing here and there pretty big impact for a small amount of money and probably about a day's work.

All right now I've got double the budget I got 300 I've already spent and I can spend 300 more where am I going to spend that 300 I decided to spend it on go ahead and fix the showerhead the little tub faucet the thing that turns it on hello I've been putting a stopper my kids when they were in high school theyused a tub stopper how embarrassingespecially when I realized how easy andquick and inexpensive it is to replacethat thing sorry kidsmy second decision was clean up and add some linoleum squares so that the inside of the cabinets looked as good as the outsides.

I decided to actually replace the cabinet doors remember the last ones very topical big bang for your buck but not quality so I up to the quality of the cabinet doors and the drawer   where when you got that extra $600 to add to the first 600 you can take this thing up on it up over the finish line what's the problem What's the problem

Get the most bang for your buck

Huh? I was using the restroom I would go toilet paper so right here 600 more dollars and there was a lot of playroom I started by adding an additional shower curtain to the one I had before why did I do that because now I can keep this closed if I want to and it goes in and out whereas a single shower curtain is just one flat curtain all the way across this gives it a much more luxurious feel.

In addition it's also perfect when we open it to see our new faucets and stuff that we did in phase 2 we now have towel bars we have a robe hook that's awesome this is such a cool hook look it comes in three hooks I have a toilet paper holder and a hand towel holder and I have that's it that's all I have then I was able to add accessories to the bathroom then what about these beautiful brushed brass knobs that I was able to put on the new cabinet doors it added so much of a finishing touch that I love now I think that the culture marble is not so bad I actually kind of like it I think I made it work by tying it in together with the pieces of art and accessories and of course we have a soap pump in the black so I was super excited to actually add all the black touches wasn't my initial plan but once I started shopping I fell in love with it and leave me a comment below and let me know does it work for you because it sure works for me

With this does this also ties in the color of the culture and marble and it's kind of an odd thing like look this is a brushed nickel so is it okay people ask me all the time is it okay to mix and match your finishes what do you think okay I'm sorry but I'm a little proud of myself I would not normally have thought I could actually do that much in that bathroom for only $1,200 I'm a little embarrassed now that it took me so many years to get to it it should not take you 1815 1210 any years actually you should do it next weekend because now that you know what to do you can get started and make a difference and then send me photos because I want to see how it turned out remember join the design sessions for a good 45 minutes to an hour of amazing entertainment teaching education inspiration and everything I know about the subject on interior design because I'm telling you what it will be a game-changer.

All right you guys. I will see you next time here on YouTube. And of course I will see many many many of you on thedesign sessions. I love you guys so here's the deal that $300 challenge I had to choose between do I want to like fix the the drain and all those different finishes and the tower in the Shubb if I could afford to and I don't think it cost that much or if at the time I would replace my countertop with something like A to B Silestone which is an organic kind of a material or fake actually I'm sorry that's just like fakeand organic all this.