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Jan 10, 2019

ClAppBack Episode 3: Step Up Your Instagram Game

Up your Insta game! Instagram can help builders and remodelers connect with clients and share their work. Leverage your platform with two Instagram tools to improve your posts and help you share more content.


Find the apps in this video:

Instagram: Apple | Android

Layout from Instagram: Apple | Android

Repost for Instagram: Apple | Android


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Hi everyone and welcome to episode 3 of ClapBack this episode Kate and I are bringing you some Instagram tools to up your insta game Instagram is a great way for you to interact with your clients to build an audience and to display beautiful pictures of your projects we even heard stories of people getting project leads from Instagram the first tool that we have for you is layout which integrates with Instagram to allow you to post photo collages and show multiple photos in just one post so if we go to Instagram go to add a post and select an image and then you click the little layout logo in the bottom right of the image that'll automatically route you to the layout app where you would pick out a couple other images and you can select which kind of layout you want in there you can resize the images move them around a little bit to make sure you get the best angles click next you click feed it'll take you to post the image put a nice filter on there click next write up a boss caption and you've got a photo collage so now let's talk reposting.
So you have on Instagram you go to the post and you see those three little dots in the upper right click those and then when the menu pops up click copy link go over to the repost app you'll see the post show up at the top of your repost queue click over on that and this is where you get to select how to give credit back to the original source now you can have it be white you can have it be black you can move it around the post so we're gonna put it down there then when you hit repost it'll give you the option to copy the caption with that hop back over to Instagram and go to add the new content and then when you can put in a caption just click paste tag whomever you like click done boom your reposting liked the best of them you.

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