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Feb 20, 2020

RevWood Flooring by Mohawk Creates the Look of Hardwood Without the Risk


Mohawk says its RevWood is a scratch-resistant, laminate flooring that captures the beauty of hardwood floors without the maintenance. 

At the International Builders’ Show 2020 in Las Vegas, PRODUCTS spoke with Tom Kelly, regional business development manager for Mohawk Industries, to learn more about how builders can use Revwood to save money and create a custom look. 

RevWood’s main draw is its resistance to stains, scratches, and dents. With real wood particles mixed into the laminate flooring, RevWood can give a hardwood feel to any room of the house, according to the company. To install RevWood, professionals or homeowners simply click the boards together to create a seal. 

Their entry level product comes in 8-millimeter thick boards and goes all the way up to 12-millimeter sizes: the thicker the board, the better the sound proofing, Keller says. With hundreds of colors available and varying widths, users can customize the look. If a consumer wants additional options or they plan to use RevWood in a kitchen or bathroom, they can buy RevWood Plus products, which come in wider styles and provide more water-resistance. 

Watch the video to learn more.


Nigel Maynard:  American home buyers and consumers love the look of wood floors, but they also like low maintenance. Hi, I'm Nigel Maynard. I’m the editor of PRODUCTS as well as Custom Builder Magazine, and we're here today at IBS 2020 in Las Vegas. We're going to be visiting with Mohawk who has a product with some innovations that give homeowners the look of wood with some low maintenance as well as some other features not found in other products. Let's go have a look. 

So, Tom Kelly we’re here at the Mohawk booth, and we’re here to talk about RevWood. What is so great about RevWood?

Tom Kelly: The greatest things about Redwood is that it allows the end user to have a floor that hey basically cannot damage. It is scratch proof, it is dent proof and in

certain levels it's waterproof as well.

NM: Okay, so the idea is that Rev wood it looks like wood but it performs like something else? 

TK: Correct, it looks just like wood. There's a lot of wood particles made into this product again, but it performs like nothing else on the market. 


A new kind of laminate

NM: Okay tell me how what a builder use it once they specified for their houses where would they put it?

TK: Okay, so the benefits of RevWood is that allows you to use it in every room in the house You’r not just limited two bedrooms you not just women in living room or the

dining room. This could be used in bathrooms that can use the kitchens because in our RevWood selecting plus versions it's working. 

NM: So tell me about the technology that goes into it because it is the laminate product? But you’re saying that it doesn't perform like the typical laminate. 

TK: Well not the typical laminate but the laminates that were first generation okay. These products now are manufactured entirely different, and they're manufactured using a pine base and then with a laminate top which we use with a substrate or corundum which is very hard to scratch. It’s the second hardest substrate next the diamond. 

NM: Performance benefits for the homeowner so for the builder or the installer: Is there anything that they can do that that's did that this product offers that others don’t?

TK: Well there's many aspects of it from a design standpoint, the visuals and the number of styles the builder can achieve,  there's nothing like it in hardware. You can't do it. From a cost standpoint, it's much more cost effective than traditional hardware and so there's a cost savings to the Builder and the end. 

NM: so what about the installation technology on this room?

TK: So the installation technology, and I'm just gonna grab the regular standard redwood this is our entry level product Rev wood. It's 8 millimeters, and what you have there is the click system so this can be installed very simple you and I could do it right now if we wanted to. This, what we're standing on is a redwood product, and it clicks together and it creates that waterproof seal, and because it is a little bit thicker, as you stand on it it sounds it feels like real wood.


How does sizing affect quality?

NM: So now for those viewers who don't exactly know how a laminate floor comes explain the millimeter thickness, the good versus the bad.

TK: Well a typical laminate floors you have a thick floor it's millimeters of floor and then you have a Mills where layer and you typically want a little bit thicker of a floor for soundproofing so that's why we make this product as much as 12 millimeters thick, so you're getting more realistic sounding floor. 

NM: So tell me about the options, widths, planks, colors…

TK: hundreds of colors! 

NM: Give me a number!

TK: 400 colors altogether, and we manufacture this product in various widths and lengths. This is our entry-level products manufacturer and five and a quarter with all the way up to our RevWood Castlefield collection which is nine and 7/16 inch wide and 90 inches long okay so against the idea if this is a large space we will have fewer see corrects and just a better visual about nice wide plank flooring that everybody seems to like this does so the product is called RevWood r as in revolutionary v’s in Victor. 

TK: Now. It is available now

NM: Well, Tom thank you very much for talking to me. This is Nigel Maynard coming to you from IBS 2020 here in Las Vegas.