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Mar 1, 2018

Video: Hafele Debuts Smart Lighting System

At Design & Construction week 2018, Hafele debuted the Hafele Connect app to go with their Loox cabinet lighting system.

"Our products have really been about owning the inside of cabinetry," says Scott Kaminski, marketing communications and public relations manager for the German brand. 

Hafele's signature Loox LED Lighting system got an upgrade with the integration of a new smart app that lets homeowners control lights on a smartphone. The brand also introduced new wood types for kitchen drawer inserts and a smart, lighted mirror at the show, among other new products.

Watch the video to see what we found at the 2018 Hafele booth.


Our products have really kind of been about I guess kind of owning the inside of cabinetry. One of, one of the greatest things that we have going at cave is this year is our looks lighting system we've actually introduced some smart home capabilities whatever the fixture it is it can actually be controlled by any Bluetooth enabled smartphone so this is one of the great things where we can actually set specific scenes so for instance if you wanted to entertain people and you wanted the lights a particular way in your home you could you could set an entertaining scene for instance you can actually take pictures of the areas where the lights are and we put little pinpoints within the app so that you can actually go through and then control the light we have a very popular drawer organization system we're introducing three new species of wood now it is available in birch walnut cherry mahogany and white oak we also have a multi dimensional mirror is available in three sizes and has push buttons on it so that you can actually do makeup lighting in cool and warm temperatures backlighting it has an anti-fog shower feature and also the integrated Bluetooth speaker which is great because where this mirror ends up going it's almost kind of a dead space for technology currently.

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