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Jun 20, 2019

Video: This Screen Can Reduce Building Heat Gain by Seven Times

Phantom Screens has introduced its new Cable Guide System, an exterior window screen that the company says reduces heat gain by seven times compared to shades installed inside of glass. The product was on display at the company's booth at PCBC 2019.

The screen manufacturer also showcased its manual retractable wall screens for large patio doors and motorized wall screens, which can add usable space outside a home's walls. Phantom Screens' B2B marketing manager Jeret Unger talked to us about how the company's products expand a home's living space and preserve curb appeal.



Some of our newest products is actually our cable guide system for motorized screens it's a self tensioning cable system that's used basically for exterior solar shading and because it's on the exterior side of the glazing it's seven times more effective reducing the building heat gain than an interior mounted system another popular part that we have is a manual retractable wall screen and basically that's an oversized horizontally operated retractable screen that screens those large multi slide and bifel door systems our motorized screen within a track system so what that allows customers to do builders and designers as well as homeowners is it lets them have temporary enclosures for a covered outdoor spaces so it could be for solar shading for privacy or even insect protection it comes to more of the motorized screens that's really helping them to expand their living space without the added cost of structural walls and glass people can use say their outdoor spaces for example year-round or with different climate conditions it doesn't impact them from stopping to use or covered outdoor spaces it also really preserves curb appeal which is a big deal you know people work so hard to have beautiful home so to be able to add that kind of functionality without disrupting the aesthetics of the home is a big deal for our clients.

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