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Mar 25, 2020

Walk Through a Charleston-Style Custom Home

The home design features a two-story front porch and cigar lounge


Is peach tea on the porch during a hot summer your ideal afternoon? You’ll love this custom home by Paradigm Building Group that brings all Charleston’s southern flair to the streets of Virginia.

From a two-story front porch to a dog washing station, Tim Winter, president and owner of Paradigm Building Group, says the custom home is designed to fit into the client’s daily life.

“You can see underneath the ceiling is designed in the light blue color, which is very typical in that southern style. Beautiful front porch, composite trim all throughout the home, beautiful ceiling fans around,” Winter says of the Falls Church, Va., home.  “And as we enter into the home, check out this cool feature the gas lamps again true to that Charleston Southern style again brings out uniqueness here.”


Other features include a cigar lounge, homework station for the kids, and an oversized wood-burning fireplace.

See how many pineapples you can spot in the full video home tour!


Hey there, Tim Winter with Paradigm Building Group on site at our latest custom home here in Falls Church, Virginia. As you can see it's Charleston meets Virginia. We’re in this beautiful designed custom home that our clients just fell in love with as they spent some time in Charleston. We were able to bring some of those fun features here to Virginia and help them design this amazing home. Take a walk through with us as we go on the next paradigm home tour.

So thanks again for joining us on the paradigm home tour. we're standing here on the front porch. Check out this amazing front porch! You can see underneath the ceiling is designed in the light blue color which is very typical in that southern style: beautiful front porch composite trim all throughout the home, beautiful ceiling fans around. And as we enter into the home, check out this cool feature the gas lamps again true to that Charleston Southern style again brings out uniqueness here. The clients have done an amazing job. Let’s go inside and check out some of their features.

A Grand Entry to a Grand Home

So as your end of the home, we're in the foyer grand entry. Just check out the trim detail of the dental crown all throughout the house's nice arched opening as we enter into the family room of the house. And as we get into the family room, open concept, as we get into the kitchen you can see just this great oversized room that's great for family, good for entertaining, great for their kids to be able to sit and do homework.  The client even designed some plugs underneath so they can plug in all their devices while mom's over there cooking. Just check out these stainless steel appliances. We've got a couple different brands in here, but look at the size of this Frigidaire Professional refrigerator. Refrigerator on this side freezer on this side man if this doesn't get the job done. Definitely jealous myself! Beautiful granite by Terra Stone Works you can see our farm sink by Kohler, along with our fixtures in the home by Kohler beautiful well-designed and pointed cabinets by dura supreme. We’ve got our soft soft closed doors and drawers a great feature that door supreme offers. And just check out these beautiful oversized pendants that the client has chosen to hang out above this island. And then as we kind of step back into the mudroom that goes out to their two-car garage, we've got this cool dog wash, so you dog owners are jealous of this. If you want one, give us a call we can help you put one in!


Trimwork Takes the Cake

As we continue back through a walk past the dining room, where the clients are getting ready to bring in some of their furniture. We’re about a week or so away from turning this home over to them. Some really cool colors as far as the client has chosen. And again just take a look at some of this detail: the case two openings that we've got some special trim work that we've put in here. It's called ear to architrave casing. A lot of our doors windows, and this particular door goes out to the screened porch come on out here and check this out again composite decking boards our vinyl rails we've got built-in heat heat sensors or heat lamps so we can hang out here. And those cool fall nights and then just check it out again Charleston-style. We got the pineapples on our fixtures. Nothing says welcome like a pineapple!


So come on in. We're back in the house, and we've got this beautiful well-appointed oversized wood-burning fireplace where the clients have the ability to, you know, maybe in the future you can turn it into a gas. But this particular one is a wood-burning. So as we kind of continue through, we're going to head back through the foyer and pick up the powder room. As we walk by we've got our Nest thermostats teed up here, always a great product that we like to use here at paradigm. A pattern room off the foyer, and then I think one of the coolest rooms in the house: This is a study aka cigar lounge you can see the vents that are built in the house have been completely sealed in spray foam insulation to help keep the smoke contained in this room. So as our homeowner is working and entertaining somebody's got a nice built-in bar beverage center here on the side this definitely speaks “mancave .” Let's go check out the master bath. 


Oversized, but not Overstated

So as we walk up through the foyer into the grand staircase, we like to use wider staircases just because it gives a great overall grand feel, good oversized handrail, a lot of the features in this home speak to some of that traditional style home, with the trim and the material, and things that we use. 

As we enter into the master bedroom, again, a well-appointed beautiful color kind of makes you want to get up in the morning. So it's not too dark and as we walk back through here we've got an oversized closet again another nest thermostat that controls the second zones of this house. And then the master suite bathroom here.

Oversized shower: Kohler fixtures, all chrome, custom-designed glass, beautiful vanities in  the gray style, again tops by Terra Stone Works, fixtures by Kohler. Just check out this bath floor little basket. We've finished with mosaic tile, just the clients and our designers have done a really good job. Spec in this particular home,  as you saw when I first started the video, has a two-story front porch as we enter outside. 

“The Client Has Spared No Expense”

Here you can kind of see a little bit more of the the features cool Chippendale style rails shutters that are true to form cedar shutters with the shutter doors here given that true look

and style of an existing home. You know, an older home I should say let's go back in. And check out some of the other bedrooms sitting down in the hall. You can see a couple things here: our five panel doors that lead into the laundry room. Again, nice area to do some work and do some laundry. It's great for when we're designing some lots that have tighter lots. We can squeeze some space in here. We've got a guest suite with an ensuite bathroom in here and then behind us we get into his and hers bedrooms. 

If you want to take a walk through and just check out those cool colors. So let's head downstairs to the basement, and check out what's going on down there. So down here in the basement, we've got another bedroom that gives egress access to the outside along with a downstairs, bathroom full bath. As we walk down a little bit further you got this beautiful bar with beautiful LBT on the floor. So you got this honed granite here on the tops. As you can see, this house has every form and function of detail. The clienti has spared no expense making sure that this home fits their needs as far as what works for them and what works for their family so this home is completely custom designed for our client. If you'd like to learn more on how Paradigm can help you build your next custom home please give us a call.