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Sep 5, 2017

Zircon Debuts Wi-Fi Smart Water Leak Detector

Zircon Leak Alert smart detector

Zircon's new Leak Alert is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart water detector that allows remodelers, builders, and developers to monitor their projects remotely.

“With its Wi-Fi-enabled detection, simple installation, and low maintenance, the Leak Alert WiFi provides real-time peace of mind homeowners, property managers, and business owners can all benefit from,” says Zircon President John Stauss. “With no monthly or annual required fees, this affordable water detector is the smart choice in water detection and a natural addition to any home, property, or business.”

Once enabled, the Leak Alert utilizes Wi-Fi connectivity to send emails, audio, and visual alerts to homeowners, renters, business owners, and property managers alerting them of a water leak as soon as one is detected.

Leak Alert WiFi can be placed in multiple locations throughout the home or property, near sinks, refrigerators, washing machines, sump pumps, and aquariums, and in basements. When a leak is detected, the detector will send alert via Wi-Fi to notify all configured email addresses, emit a 105-dB alarm, and flash two bright red LED lights.

The unit is housed in durable plastic case that is designed to float. If flooding occurs, the Leak Alert will float with the alarm continuing to sound for the life of the battery.


It was not mentioned how the Leak Alert WiFi detects leaks. One of the biggest problems with water leaks is at Water Utility Company meters and underground in project site water piping system. Does the on site system have to be investigated by other leak type detectors, while at end source of leak such as hose bibs, sprinkler valves are conducive to you Leak Alert?

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