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May 13, 2021

11 Colorful Sinks That Add Character to Any Kitchen or Bath

concrete blue sink

There’s no reason the design of a bathroom or kitchen sink needs to be as utilitarian as its function. A sink can be an ideal way to add a bit of character to any design.

In pandemic times, more homeowners are looking for ways to infuse nature and add personalized touches into their homes, according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting (JBREC). These 11 sinks bring both spunk and organic inspiration with their designs, materials, and colors. 

“Consumers have grown to expect personalization, forcing the options offered in a new home to be more thoughtful and more targeted,” writes JBREC.

Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Farrow & Ball, and Benjamin Moore each announced their color trend forecasts that will influence interiors this year. All companies included a nature-focused palette to uplift occupants’ moods. A sink can be one simple way to include trending colors into the kitchen and bath.


Though white kitchens and baths reign supreme, according to both Houzz and the National Kitchen and Bath Association, some professionals are calling it quits on all-white design. 

“You wind up with something boring,” says Michael Anschel, president of Otogawa-Anschel Design + Build. “It lacks any kind of depth, any kind of rhythm, any kind of personality.”

And to ensure that pop of color stays in style, residential pros can pair bold pieces with classic, timeless designs, or choose colors that withstand time, such as red and orange, Valentina Bertazzoni, head of the Bertazzoni’s design and branding, previously told PRODUCTS.

We’ve done some digging, and we found 11 colorful sinks that will add some character to your next bathroom or kitchen project:


blue bathroom sinkconcrete orange bathroom sink

Aura Collection - Kast Concrete Basins

United Kingdom-based Kast creates vivid concrete sinks in 28 different colors such as cobalt blue, teal, peach, forest, and blush. The new Aura Collection features single basins, double basins, and pedestal sinks in vibrant colors and a pill-shaped design. Both the single and double Aura sinks feature an offset vanity space with a ribbed surface that hides the drainage hole from sight. All three sinks are designed to be paired with a wall-mounted tap. The double and single sinks work mounted on surfaces or walls. All Kast sinks are made from traditional aggregate-based concrete rather than glass fiber reinforced concrete. According to the company, this helps maximize the strength, durability, and stability of the sinks.


london basin company yellow sinkcolorful bathroom sink

Marnie - London Basin Company

London Basin Company is known for its unique porcelain vessels that act as artwork rather than a bathroom necessity. The handmade Marnie sink features a bright yellow backdrop with delicate pink, blue, and green flowers and vines. The release of Marnie also welcomes a new shape to London Basin Company’s offerings: the flat base.


elkay mint kitchen sink

Mint Creme Quartz Sink - Elkay

Elkay offers three distinct colors for its quartz sinks: a red Maraschino, the blue Jubilee, and the new Mint Creme. The mint sink features a creamy undertone that works well with the sink’s smooth-to-the-touch finish. Mint sinks can be purchased as a farmhouse, dual-mount bar sink, single, or double bowl configurations. To make a statement, Elkay also offers color matching drains for select models. The quartz sinks feature stain and smudge resistance, hygiene protection, heat safety, UV-stable colors, and a sound-absorbing interior.


purple blue farmhouse sink

Vineyard Collection - Nantucket Sinks

Nantucket Sinks’ fireclay kitchen sink options offer two pastel options with a distressed look: Shabby Green and Shabby Sugar. Both sinks are available in rectangular apron-front options with either a smooth front or fluted one. Shabby Sugar is a light to medium blue shade, and Shabby Green is a light green, both feature darker distressing marks. Sinks are handmade and finished in Italy. Nantucket Sinks says its glazed surface inhibits bacterial growth better than stainless steel, it absorbs sound and offers stain and heat resistance.


purple kitchen sink

Carnelian Red epiGranite - Ruvati

Ruvati’s line of epiGranite sinks features a composition of 80% crushed natural granite for high durability and a real stone appearance. The other 20% comes from the company’s proprietary resin that makes the sink non-porous and resistant to household chemicals. Because the sink is colored all the way through, the color will not fade or change, the company says. It’s resistant to stains, bacteria, and temperatures up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit. The sink comes with a limited lifetime warranty and 9 inches of depth.


herbert front 1retro green bathroom sink

Herbert Basin - Nood Co.

Australian concrete sink manufacturer Nood Co. just announced its retro-style Herbet bathroom sink. It can be top or wall-mounted and comes in 14 different colors including deep reds, blues, greens, and light pinks. Herbert featured a 1950s design with soft curves, a small silhouette, and the choice of a two-tone accent strip.


colorful bathroom sinks

Le Acque di Cielo - Ceramica Cielo

Italian sink brand Cielo added six ultra-glossy, opaque colors for its ceramic bathroom sinks. The inspiration for each color came from nature, the company says. The release was aimed at providing designers and architects with the ability to fully customize their projects. These colors are available in several of Cielo’s bathroom sink collections.


inia blue sink kohler

Inia Wading Pool Sink - Kohler

Kohler’s Inia Wading Pool Sink brings both color and texture into the bathroom. The pressed glass features a hammered surface with an opaque sapphire blue. The underside of the sink is painted blue but it maintains a clear glass rim. Its design mimics a waterfall because of its delicate ripple texture and deep basin. This style of sink can also be purchased in translucent sapphire, dew, and sandalwood, among other neutral shades.


bocchi sapphire blue farmhouse

Contempo 36 - Bocchi

Fireclay offers an extremely durable sink composition that can withstand high temperatures, scratches, chips, discoloration, cracking, and stains, says Bocchi. It’s also non-porous, meaning liquids and bacteria cannot settle into the sink. The Bocchi farmhouse kitchen sink in sapphire blue features a deep, dramatic blue that adds a more subtle pop of color. It comes with a removable protective bottom grid and strainer, as well as workstation accessories such as a cutting board and colander that fit on the sink’s ledge.


concretti pink sink

Vegas 60 - Concretti

Pictured in the color Nude, the Vegas 60 sink can be purchased in Concretti’s 17 available shades ranging from basic white and black to oranges, yellows, and pinks. Vegas 60 features a thick rim that adds durability and an organic color variation that comes from its concrete composition. This can add an earthy element to bathrooms, the company says. All Concretti sinks are available in the brand’s 17 colors and are hand made in the U.S.


purple sink

UGM-Aqua Undermount Glass Bathroom Sink - MR Direct

MR Direct’s undermount bathroom sink features tempered glass that gives it resistance to extreme temperatures, stains, odors, and makes it hygienic. This sink features a deep royal purple, but emerald, turquoise, and color shades are also available. It requires a 21-inch minimum cabinet size for installation and comes with a cardboard cutout template, installation hardware, and a limited lifetime warranty.

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