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Jun 17, 2021

11 New Light Fixtures to Brighten Any Project

new lighting 2021

Tulip by HI-MACS

Properly designing and specifying lighting products with high-quality features and design can transform a space.

But it’s just as important to know what today’s homeowners want from their lighting, namely energy efficiency, technology, and style.

According to the latest National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) What Home Buyers Really Want study, 80% of surveyed homeowners said that efficient lighting is a top priority. In general, they want to limit their impact on the environment, with 88% saying they’d like brands to help them make more environmentally friendly and ethical choices in their daily life, according to a report featured in Forbes. 

As a result, specifying LED lighting fixtures is a must nowadays, as these products utilize 90% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. LED lights result in high utility savings as a result. Surveyed respondents also stated that recessed lighting throughout the home is extremely important.

Connected technology always interests homeowners, and one of the most prevalent and simple ways to infuse smart tech into a home is with smart lighting systems. The National Kitchen and Bath Association found 44% of residential professionals see voice-activated lighting controls as a feature growing in popularity for kitchens. And more than half of the homeowners responding to NAHB’s survey said a lighting control system is either essential or highly desirable. 

And finally, just as homeowners expect more from their homes, they also expect more from the products used to build and finish them. The same goes for design. With contemporary design on the rise, a trend towards modern light fixtures can further “illuminate” an interior style.

Here are 11 new lighting products to consider for your next project:


new lights 2021

Opera - Barovier&Toso

Designer Philippe Nigro took inspiration from the baroque Opera Garnier in Paris. Similar to Opera Garnier, the Opera line offers designers a decorative, eclectic, and well-balanced design, the company says. Barovier&Toso has been in business for 700 years with a focus on offering glass lighting fixtures. The process for creating the Opera lighting comes from a patented Barovier&Toso technique invented in 1938 that consists of shaping Venetian crystals by hand to create prisms.


new lighting 2021


Bump - Foscarini

Foscarini’s latest pendants are an attempt at manipulating light, resulting in a downward light projection and defused beams, says the company. Bump comes from the Italian design duo Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. It will become available this summer in three colors: frost, petroleum, and gold.


kitchen lights



Hauksbee, Vorleigh, Parohn, and Arendela - Kohler

Kohler’s 2021 lighting releases draw inspiration from the 20th century’s romantic design, says the company. The Hauksbee Collection hearkens back to the industrial revolution and its utilitarian lighting. Hauksbee combines glass with cool metals in mixed finish options with vintage detailing. It’s the largest collection and will be available in single-light, two-light, three-light, and four-light sconces, along with a pendant, chandelier, and semi-flush mount designs.


new light releases 2021


The Vorleigh Collection reflects elements from the 1930s and French Art Deco design. Each light features a pivoting, round shade that allows the user to control where the light emits. Vorleigh lighting products are available in sconce and chandelier designs in five finishes.


kitchen lighting 2021



Kohler’s Parohn Collection mixes Bauhaus design elements with a focus on symmetry and scale, the company says. Light fixtures are made of hand-cast metal with spheres and linear details balanced by hand-woven fabric shades. Parohn lights come in chandelier, pendant, and flush-mount designs in five different finishes.





The company’s Arendela Collection is delicate but intricate glass shades are inspired by ‘60s lighting designer and manufacturer Vistosi. The lighting line mixes multi-faceted, detailed glass with strong cast metal works for what Kohler calls a strikingly singular sconce. Arendela can be purchased as a sconce, semi-flush mount, and chandelier.


new light


Libra - Hubbardton Forge

Vermont-based Hubbardton Forge utilizes sustainable practices for its handcrafted lighting. The company focuses on traditional techniques with refined design, which its new Libra collection embodies. It combines dark metals with multifaceted glass cylinders dangling at different heights. Hubbardton Forge says its Libra lights are suitable for many spaces, from kitchen islands to bathrooms, and adds a touch of elegance to any space.

wood light

Organic - Accord Lighting

Accord Lighting’s Organic line features natural materials and shapes. The collection focuses on amorphic shapes made from various types of natural wood, for which the brand is known, ranging from teak to walnut. Accord offers customization options for specialty products in need of  a one-of-a-kind lighting design. All of Accord’s woods are FSC-certified and are finished in a low-VOC lacquer.


small recessed lights


LittleOnes - USAI Lighting

LED manufacturer USAI Lighting says its new line of recessed lighting, LittleOnes, offers up to 1,000 lumens from a 1-inch light source. The collection features downlights, accents, and wall washers with glare control, square and round options, and dimmable lights. 

recessed light tiny

Smart 1.9 - Modular Lighting Instruments

Architects and designers need lighting that limits technical roadblocks, says Modular Lighting Instruments, which is what its Smart 1.9 series lights offers. The installation consists of one drill hole in the surface for a connected wire, allowing designers to organize the lights freely. Smart 1.9 series lights offer up to 311 lumens per fixture, and users can control both the light intensity and warmth.


pendent light


Tulip - HI-MACS

Natural acrylic stone manufacturer HI-MACS initially launched its Tulip light, designed by Pierre Cabrera, as a standing light in 2017, but it has now been reimagined as a pendant. The LED fixture comes in two styles: acrylic or leather. The company says adding leather ties the elegant silhouette with a unique and natural material.


jeremy cole oriental lily


Oriental Lily - Jeremy Cole Studio

Known for his dramatic ceramic lighting designs with floral inspirations, Jeremy Cole’s latest release embodies a natural movement of the oriental lily. It’s available in matte white or black with black, gold, or silver stamens. Oriental Lily chandeliers measure 20 inches high by 35.5 inches wide.


contemporary lights



FLOS’s best-selling collection is now available in anodized blue steel, green, and light silver. The contemporary fixture features long cables and up to five light sources that can be moved freely and positioned in place while the cords freely dangle. Created by French brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, the design is meant to satisfy all lighting needs.


blue kitchen light


Hinkley - Argo

Hinkley has expanded the available finishes for its industrial Argo pendant for the summer. Pale blue, sage green, and light taupe join Argo’s existing brass, polished white, and satin black finishes. Hinkley says the new colors help conjure up natural, calming elements.

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