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May 4, 2022

Alside Reveals Siding Color Trends

Home exterior siding color options
Are homeowners going boldly where others haven’t gone before in siding colors?

Likely one of your largest investments, your home should reflect your style and personality. However, with today’s virtually maintenance-free exterior siding products lasting several decades and not requiring painting, choosing the best color for your home is an important decision – and likely why neutrals such as white and gray continue to lead in popularity. But will this trend remain? Alside, a leading manufacturer of exterior building products, utilized both online and sales data to gain insights into the most popular color trends.

Vision Statements

With dozens of colors to choose from – and nearly limitless combinations of accents – homeowners can luckily turn to tools such as the Alside Exterior Design Visualizer, which uses a real photo of the home's exterior to better select color combinations. And what are the top selections? Based on recent data through the early 2022, the most prevalent siding colors (in order) include a mix of darker grays and blues, with lighter colors (Glacier White, Platinum Gray) in the middle of the popularity mix.

1. Cape Cod Gray

2. Sterling Gray

3. Midnight Blue

4. Ageless Slate

5. Glacier White

6. Platinum Gray

7. Harbor Blue

8. Storm

9. Coastal Sage

10. Charcoal Smoke

“According to recent survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Alside, 36% of Americans replaced their siding to increase their home’s curb appeal,” said Shawn Hardy, senior vice president, Alside. “Adding bolder neutrals is an easy way to make a design statement. And our engineered composite products will ensure that beautiful aesthetic remains for years to come with minimal maintenance.”

Creating the Color Palette

No matter if you dare to be bold, or stay a bit more subtle, experts at Alside developed color palettes featuring both monochromatic (using colors from the same families and tones) and dramatic (creating bold contrasts in colors) to help guide homeowners based on the style of their house and neighborhood.

1. Suburban Traditional

For homeowners living in a traditional suburban setting, monochromatic colors in soft, warm earthy tones can complement one another, with the subtle differences creating an effortless style. Alternatively, for a dramatic effect, mix White windows, a darker cladding, such as Riviera Dusk, with a soft Natural Linen toned soffit. For a splash of color, mix things up with a bright front door painted aqua or teal.

2. Modern Chic

Make your property stand out from the crowd with dark and sophisticated modern chic exterior color palettes. Pair Black windows with Black soffit and Charcoal Smoke siding for a monochromatic effect. Alternatively, create dramatic impact with Silver windows, Cast Iron siding and Platinum Gray soffit. Both palettes will pop against the lush green foliage and colorful flower arrangements of your landscaping.

3. Farmhouse Country

Alside’s farmhouse country color palettes pay tribute to farmhouse style. Make Black windows the focal point for an eye-catching contrast against Glacier White siding or soffit. For a warmer color palette, pair Classic Clay windows with Fired Brick siding and Monterey Sand soffit.

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